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Surekha, India

Namaste Janani,

I would like to thank you for sending me the Prasadam. I’m happy to let you know that with blessings of Goddess Garbharakshambika, I concieved in the very next cycle after taking Prasadam. I’m currently in 12th week of pregnancy. I have had 2 miscarriages before and this pregnancy with God’s grace is proceeding smoothly.

I would like to know about the Pooja and oil prasadam for smooth delivery that is done after 3rd month. Please let me know the details.

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Jyothi USA

Thank u so much Janani….thanks a lot for your encouraging words and support…

God will really bless you for this divine service u are providing..

Honestly, ur mail really made my day… I am in the 9th week now, and will start using oil as soon as I receive it.. And I will do pooja at home on 17th in the timeframe mentioned.

I have downloaded the songs and I m listening to them religiously on a daily basis. These slokas and songs of Ambal really gives me immense hope and keeps me out of all negative thoughts regarding pregnancy…

Thanks in advance again.. Would like to hear from you soon after pooja…

A Devotee From Gujarat

Dear Janani,

I am overjoyed to inform you that I am pregnant by the grace of Amman.
My husband and I completed our 40 days last week but we continued the ghee prasadam till my beta HCG report came positive yesterday.

My joy is doubled because the doctor senses that I may be expecting twins. I have my first sonography next Monday after which it will be confirmed whether it is a single pregnancy or twins.

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us and for other couples like us.

I continue to pray to Amman for a safe and happy pregnancy.

May I request you to let me know the process for another pooja to ensure a safe pregnancy and delivery?

May God bless you! I will always be indebted to you for all your help.

In case you want to use my mail as a testimonial for your website, please feel free to do so but please change my name in it.

Warm Regards

A Devotee from Gujarat