Slokams and Stotrams for Download

Benefits of listening to these songs:

If you are either pregnant or trying to conceive you have to keep yourself in a good state emotionally, mentally and spiritually for the sake of the baby you are carrying or even the baby you are trying to make :).

Listening to these powerful songs helps you by providing all the above benefits. These songs will keep you stress-free during pregnancy when we have raging hormones. For women who are trying to conceive this will give put you in a positive frame of mind. Please do listen as often as you can.

Garbarakshambigai Slokas and Stotrams for Download

Name of Sloka or Stotram ListenDownload
1. Garbarakshambigai Potri Listen Now 108Potri.mp3 (35841 downloads)
2. Garbarakshambigai KavachamListen Now GarbharakshambikaiKavacham1.mp3 (24344 downloads)
3. Pannikudam Listen Now Panikkudam-1.mp3 (5917 downloads)
4.GayathriListen Now Gayathri.mp3 (24865 downloads)
5. GrabagrahaListen Now Garbhagraha.mp3 (11734 downloads)
6. KarukakkumListen Now Karukakkum.mp3 (4283 downloads)
7. Mullai VanathilListen Now MullaiVanathil.mp3 (9112 downloads)
8. MullaivanamListen Now Mullaivanam.mp3 (8868 downloads)

Sharing the Songs and Slokas

Listening to these songs and slokas during pregnancy and for conception is both physically and mentally beneficial. Kindly share these songs and slokas to help spread the name and fame of Garbarakshambigai Amman and reach out to thousands of women.

Kindly share these songs and slokas to help spread the name and fame of Garbarakshambigai Amman and reach out to thousands of women.

You have received the benefits of listening to these songs. Please help pass these blessings along. Let us try and reach out to as many women as we can.

I pray that you should be richly blessed when you help share these slokams.

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31 thoughts on “Slokams and Stotrams for Download

  1. Sharanaarthi

    Hi Janani,
    Remember I have mailed you about my visit to the temple next week? I would like to share a miracle which happened last sunday.
    My wife is suffering from PCOS problem and irregular cycles (its been more than 2 months now). Meanwhile, I have requested you over a mail for any specific puja to relieve any effects of karma and make my wife cycles normal. I was even planning to visit temple come next week, Oct 2nd for the same. However, my aim to visit the temple was to pray for conceiving. You have replied me suggesting to keep faith and pray amma.

    Since then, I was reciting Garbharakshambigai amma mantram.
    On sunday, when I was awake from sleep, AMMA’s image flickered for a moment and disappeared. The very next moment I heard THE good news from my wife. Doctor is surprised to see this situation and said that this is a rarity! However, this could be confirmed only next week. Till then, all that we could do is to Japa AMMA mantram.

    JB – once again thanks for providing a platform to convey my gratitude. Request you to book a puja for rectifying any further complications and safe growth of fetus.

    Garbharakshambika saranam __/\__

  2. krishna lahari

    hi janani im lahari from hyderabad as i heard about amma miracle for pregnant related problems ,me nd my husband are tryng to concieve but at that time there occuring many hurdles whenever we try to concieve as of now i trusted amma but dont know what to do really confused nd sad nd v r married in 2013 till now no sign of baby in my life i dont know how to perform puja for amma as i am telugu girl im unable to understand the tamil chants and im afraid i cant reach the temple please suggest me pleasee

  3. Sangeetha M R

    Plz tell me d process of pooja. I am very depressed nd wanted to get pregnant. Amma shld bless me with a healthy baby as soon as possible.. Can’t express my pain… Plzzzzzzz

    1. mounika

      hi,i have been trying to get for 3 years now and its not happening,I’m taking treatment but once i had weak pregnancy if there is any pooka regarding this pools could you pls mail me i don’t know about this temple.

  4. digisha

    Hi, I been trying to get pregnant for 6 years now and it’s not happening, I had 2 surgery done and all we try but nothing work, if there is any Pooja or prayer.

  5. Bhakti

    I am trying to concieve from last 2 year .doctors said its difficult to conncievr as my tubes are inspected.i believe amma can bless me only.
    Plplease help ..m ver depressed now

    1. Mahesh T

      Dear Lokesh,
      This is mahesh here from Hyderabad. i am blessed with baby boy and he is now 14 yrs old. and till now my wife had undergone many medications, IUF and all. I almost lost every hopes and all. but now i want to have one more baby. please tell me the process.

  6. Debanjana Paul

    Hi Janani

    I’m Debanjana from Gurgaon. I’ve been married since august, 2014. And last year I’d a chance to work in China, however my husband was still in India. Since November last year I’m trying to conceive, but till now haven’t got any results. Please email me the details of Puja

  7. Shilpa

    Planning to conceive since last 2 years. One tube is blocked. Please suggest me puja and ghee prasadam details.

  8. Anu

    Hi mam.
    I feel blessed to reach this site. It’s been 5 yrs of my marriage, I couldn’t conceive. I am detected with severe ovarian problems. I m really disappointed n feel like end of life. Please help me mam.
    I need your help. Astrologers say 0% chances of pregnancy.

  9. Ramachandra

    My wife is pregnant with second child. First one was premature Caesarean section with lot of complications. Right now she is in her 6 th month with issues every now and then. She is very tensed. Can you please suggest some puja for the same for safe and healthy outcome.

  10. Kamakshi

    Hello,ma,i was married on 2004..i am child less till now..and my periods are totally stopped..i am totally depressed and worryed about my health condition..i want a child ma…is their any pooja for me at the temple? Plz help me

  11. Praveen R

    Hi janani

    Married and long for a child. Please let me know about the Pooja details performed for goddess garbarskdhambigai

    R Praveen

  12. reekha

    janani madam this is reekha from bengaluru I am msg more times but i am
    madam thank you i have you send that oil and photo prasadam I taken in corier madam you forget me i am rekha handicaped you send prasadam thank you madam

  13. lokesh

    dont worry , mother will take care , pls go to this site & order for ghee , & you will get ghee prasadam , purchase fresh 1/2 ghee & mix this ghee prasadam , take every night with your husband ,he should also should take both should take same time & same place , before taking pls chat sholka which is send with the prasadam for 48 excluding period’s time. & ur r not able to take due to tour , warrning pls dont take prasadam during your period’s time.

    amma Garbarakshambigai vundi byam ynduku nummandi ( trust on her)

  14. Kedu


    We are trying to conceive from last 6 years without success. We recently came to know about Garbarakshambikai goddess and visited the temple and performed the puja. We got the prasad. We started taking prasad daily before bed as advised. We missed a day. Do we need to start from beginning or can continue taking

  15. Shubhangi Shankar Sawant

    We are trying to conceive from last 18 years without success. We recently came to know about Garbarakshambikai goddess. Please suggest me puja and ghee prasadam details.
    Please help me.

  16. Shubhangi Shankar Sawant

    We are trying to conceive from last 18 years without success. We recently came to know about Garbarakshambikai goddess. Please suggest me puja and ghee prasadam details.
    Please help me.

  17. Prathyusha Yerabati

    Hi,we are married in 2013 and we dint plan for kids we started planning in nov 2016 and did not sucess for 2 months,i heard about the manthra for concieving and trusted amma and chanted daily and in the same month i conceived.Is there any manthra or stotram for good health of me and baby and safe delivery,i even heard about oil for safe delivery in which month should i start applying,i stay in USA so in which month should i order the oil.

    Thank You

  18. Malini S Vinoth


    Heard from one of my colleague, that the ghee is sold and if we try to have tat regularly we get conceived soon.
    Im married since September and i would like to get conceive.
    Can you please suggest me how to purchase that ghee, as Im from chennai.


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