1. Need castor oil from Gharbarakshambiga temple for my sister. Unable to order online..please help


  2. Namaste

    I and my husband, sincerely thanks the organisation to bring this kind of service to humanity where infertility is becoming a common problem. We would also like to bow our head and say sincere “ thank you” to Amman to bless us with this beautiful pregnancy. I am having hypothyroidism and PCOD both, but through proper medication along with ghee prasadam and prayers of elders i conceived. Dec 17 we started consuming Ghee, could not conceive in that month. But since its been said it takes around 48 days, i was sure to conceive in Jan18, as prasadam was over. But again no luck, but i would like to say to the couples never leave the belief. I was sure and very sure this time i will conceive. And yes third cycle i got conceived. Prayers, ashirwaad, with chanting and mainly the belief that yes she is there and everything is destined and planned best for you is the key dir motivation.
    God only connected us with her, already one step taken by consuming ghee , be sure your prayers will be answered.
    Now I am in my 7 month ofpregnancy and ordered oil prasadam. Again my pregnancy has beenwithout a single glitch, and I amvery sure with my firmbelief in her rest of pregnancy will sail smooth. And with prasadam i will have normal delivery as I have requested her my thus request with deepest faith. So people just have faith , dont give up. Garbrakshambigai is divine!

  3. Thanks to Garbharakshambigai Amman for blessing us with a beautiful healthy baby girl on November 03 2016. After great struggle of 5 years I conceived through IVF but that journey too was not easy. I had ordered for castor oil prasadam online which reached me in time during my pregnancy. i was using it regularly throughout my pregnancy and listening to the mantra each day until my delivery which was c-section that too without any complication.i would also like to thank janani barath for sending me the prasadam immediately on receiving the payment. Lots of gratitude to the goddess. Sorry for the delay.
    Blessed devotee.

  4. Two years back I came to this amma temple had Pooja and I took prasadam of ghee I had for 40 day’s and I chanted daily but till now Amma did not blessed me for child

    • Koviluku varum poludhu Amma nuku Enna porutkal vanga vendum silar valayal vangi Amma nida vaithu poojai pananum nu soldranga pls rply me

  5. Koviluku varum poludhu Amma nuku Enna porutkal vanga vendum silar valayal vangi Amma nida vaithu poojai pananum nu soldranga pls rply me

  6. Hello Namaskaram ,

    I want to get Blessed Ghee .
    I can see the online option in this site but comments on same seems to be couple of years old.
    Can you confirm if you guys are still providing online delivery now.
    Thanks in advance.

  7. My prayer is for baby….I like to go for temple tomorrow but my husband not able to come he went for project meeting…so I can go with my mother…is husband is nesscessary

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