The Story of Garbarakshambigai Amman

GarbarakshambigaiGarbarakshambigai Amman is the foremost fertility Goddess of India. She is renowned for her powers to bless couples with children and also safeguard pregnancies and ensure easy delivery. In short she has the powers to bless every aspect of childbearing.

Garbarakshambigai Amman is famed for her powers for over a thousand years. Saints like Appar, Sundarar and Campantar have recited the glories of this Amman as early as the 7th century in the 12 volume saiva canonical works. Other literary works like the Periya Puranam by Sezhkizhar also mention the glory of this temple and the Amman here.

The story of Garbarakshambigai Amman dates back to the ages when saints lived and performed penances in forests. In a place called Mullai Vanam (Jasmine Garden), two sages Gouthama Muni and Gargeya Muni lived in an ashram. They were served by a couple by the name of Nidhruva and Vedikai. This couple had no children and were prayed to the sages to guide them and Vedikai had a great urge to become a mother. The sages then instructed the couple to perform puja and worship Goddess Parvathi in the form of Garbarakshambigai Amman. Their prayers were soon answered and Vedikai soon conceived a child.

One day Nidhruva left to visit Lord Varuna by travelling through the skies. The rishis in those days had many powers. Vedhika was in the third trimester of her pregnancy. One day Sage Urdhvapada visited the Ashram seeking alms. Vedhika was alone in the ashram and since she was in an advanced state of pregnancy and very tired after the daily household chores, she was lying down and taking rest. Vedhika didn't notice the Rishi or hear him, therefore, she failed to respond and unwittingly failed to offer due hospitality to the guest. Urdhvapada felt terribly insulted and unaware of her pregnancy got incensed at her conduct and cursed her for not paying due respects to him. He cursed that she should suffer from a disease called “Rayatchu”, as a result of which poor Vedhika was struck with a foul disease, which began to eat into the very vitals of not only herself but also the child in her womb.

She was devastated and prayed to Garbarakshambiai Amman again. Garbarakshambigai Amman appeared before Vedikai and took the foetus, placing in inside a pot. This foetus developed into a male child and the devoted couple were very happy parents. The child was named Naidhuruvan.

Because of this benevolent act, inmates of the ashram led by Vedikai prayed to the Goddess to remain in that place i.e. the Mullai Vanam (today the place is called Thrirukarukavur ) and offer her grace and protection to all women who want to conceive and also those who are already pregnant. The Goddess accepting their prayers and remain there as the protector of the wombs of women.

The grace of Amman did not end there. She also provided milk to the child Naidhruvan by sending the divine cow Kamadhenu. When Kamadhenu came down to provide milk to the child the hooves of the cow that were planted in front of the temple gave rise to a spring of water which formed a tank. The tank is called Kshreeakundam and exists even today.

Since that time in history this Amman has become the Goddess who blesses all women who pray to her for children.

If you are ever in that part f the country this is one temple that you must consider visiting. You can plan your visit by reading this. 

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  1. Sir ,We got married six years back till now I can’t conceive .we got know about aGARBHARAKSHABIGAI AMMAN by our friend .Please send me the rules and details of the pooja .We want to come attend the pooja at the temple.Send me the details how can we approach you.

  2. Amma now 4 years completed am not conceived now also please bless me Amma Garbarakshambigai Amma please bless me Amma send me Pooja details

  3. Sir ,We got married five years back till now I can’t conceive .we got know about aGARBHARAKSHABIGAI AMMAN by our friend .Please send me the rules and details of the pooja .We want to come attend the pooja at the temple.Send me the details how can we approach you.

  4. namaste,

    i am conceived now and its about 5-6 weeks as per the scan report. this is my second child and i had a 5 months baby aborted due to chicken pox in the year 2013… i had 2 miscarriages also in the year 2011,2012…. due to heart beat not form….now again doctor is saying to wait for another 10 days since heart beat is not formed… i really want this child and now i am afraid a lot…my sister in law recently gave birth last year by praying to goddess grabharakshambigai ambal… i want to know the procedure of the pooja to be done at home….please help

  5. Dear Amman,

    I am Anitha from bangalore. I got married 5 years back, still i could not conceive. I came to know about A Garbarakshambigai Amman Is the Goddess of Fertility and her powers and Blessings from my Friend. I and My Husband has planned to visit your place on May 2 from bangalore. Kindly give me the pooja details. Whether do you have an accomodation to stay for 1 to 2 days for us and after return to bangalore. Kindly give me full details. How to do? Where to stay? Waiting for your early reply.

  6. I got married before 5 years amma and i didnt conceive.Please let me know about the pooja details.We planned to come garbarakshambigai temple and not aware of when the pooja will conduct.Please help me amma….

  7. Dear janani madam

    Me and my wife trying to have child from last 4 years of marriage my wife had miscarriage 3 times and it was very painful and had several doctors treatment .now since last 5 months she does not have periods and also she is not pregnant we lost all our hope and came to know about amma blessings please help us .


  8. I am married since Nov 2012 and planning to conceive now since Jan 2016 ,but still not succeded pls help me to conceive as soon as possible successful pls let me know the procedures for pooja

  9. Sir ,We got married 5 years back till now my wife couldn’t conceive . we got know about aGARBHARAKSHABIGAI AMMAN by our friend .Please send me the rules and details of the pooja .We want to come attend the pooja at the temple.Send me the details how can we approach you.

  10. today i received the prasadam along with that i received two packets one is with turmeric another with white color powder, i know how to use ghee but please tell me how to use this two packets.

  11. Amma kindly bless me with baby.
    I have pcod and thyroid problem. Very difficult to loose weight .
    We r trYong from 3 years.
    Sometimes I get angry on myself , and I get angry on u also. Plz forgive me amma. I m in the country where medical facilities are too much costly as u know we can’t afford here.
    U r my amma, akka, friend, gynecologist, infertility specialist, nurse, midwife, u r everything to me amma.
    maa plz bless plz. Plz bless all the childless couples with healthy babies.
    I am praying all the people on this earth for u r blessings.

  12. Amma kindly bless me with baby. I have married for 10 years but my life could not bless with baby. I need your blessing. I’m in a depression and mentally upset with people words. Please help me to get conceive. I want to know the procedure of the pooja to be done at home….please help

  13. Please please bless me a baby maaa…please. I lost my daughter very recently, want her back to my life again.

    Please please bless me maaa.

  14. Plz ma help me to conceive a baby.we are married since 2011.but till now i cannot conceive.plz ma give me ur blessings.i don’t know the process of ur puja as i am a bengali.but i just read the sloka “om garvarakshamvigay cha bidmahe mangol devtay ch dhimahe tanno devi pracodayat.” 108times daily.I don’t know ur language, but u r a mother u can here my prayer.plz ma give me my own baby in my womb.plz ma help me.

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