You will receive only one prasadam i.e. either oil or ghee

The instruction for ghee prasadam:

The prasadam given is ghee that has been placed at the feet of the Goddess. This ghee has been charged with mantras.

This ghee prasadam has to be mixed with a half Kilo of cow’s ghee at home. You can use any ghee that is available in the market like Amul, Nandini, GRB etc.

This ghee prasadam has to be taken for 48 days. The couple should have one teaspoon full of ghee before going to bed. The wife should avoid taking the prasadam when she has her menstrual cycle. The husband should however take it for 48 days continuously.

This prasadam has to be taken before the couple goes to bed together. The prasadam should be taken just before the husband and wife sleep together.

The ghee cannot be mixed with other food and should be taken separately. However, some people cannot tolerate ghee as it makes them nauseous. If it not possible to overcome the feeling of nausea then please mix the ghee with some simple vegetarian food like plain rice or roti and have it with your dinner.

As far as possible do not travel while taking the prasadam. Also, try not to forget taking the prasadam in between. However, if it is essential to travel or if you do forget to take the prasadam on some days then continue taking it thereafter till you complete 48 days.

There are no food restrictions while taking prasadam. The couple can continue taking non-vegetarian food.

This ghee will not go bad for more than 6 months and can be stored in either a refrigerator or at normal room temperature.

If a couple cannot visit the temple personally it is ok to get the prasadam through other people.

In the period of these 48 days, it is good if the couple can recite the mantras listed here. If time permits the mantras can be chanted 108 times after morning or evening puja. If there is insufficient time then please chant as many times as is possible for you.

Audio slokas for download are available here.

Please note that there are no other rules for chanting mantra. Please chant as you would chant any other mantra/sloka in the presence of Amman’s photo or keeping Amman’s thoughts in your mind.

You can read testimonials of people who have taken ghee prasadam here

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Ghee Prasadam:

Should I stop taking treatment/medicines while taking the ghee prasadam?: 

No no no no no!! Please DO NOT stop taking any treatment or medicines. Your faith in Amman will add to the benefits of the treatment and medicines.

Your faith and the puja/prasadam will give you the additional mental strength to face your anxiety and remain calm at all times. While the puja and prasadam are extremely beneficial for this, it is not a replacement for any medication or treatment.

Travelling while using ghee prasadam:

It is ideal if the husband and wife remain together and take the prasadam for 48 days./ If the husband and wife are travelling together then please carry prasadam so you will not miss taking the prasadam. If either the husband or wife has to travel due to unavoidable circumstances then please continue the 48 days when the couple is together again.

What if I miss taking the prasadam for a day/few days?

Please try and be regular while taking the prasadam. However, if you have forgotten to take the prasadam then continue from the next day and complete 48 days.

What is my husband /wife refuses to take the prasadam?

It so happens on some occasions that one of the spouses mostly the husband and sometimes the wife refuses to take the prasadam. The reasons are varied – sometimes the spouse is not able to consume ghee in its raw form. In such cases, it can be mixed with simple vegetarian food like plain rice or roti and eaten.

In other cases, the spouse just does not have the required faith.  In such cases, the other spouse can take the prasadam alone. The main idea here is to show our devotion to Amman. Amman is the divine embodiment of Motherhood. I am sure She appreciates the devotion of Her devotees and is perfectly capable of understanding the situation as it is.

There can be no strict rules in this case. This is a matter of faith and not science. It is not rules that are important here but the spirit of our devotion and the relationship we have with the Goddess.

I have conceived before completing 48 days of ghee prasadam. Should I continue to have the prasadam?

No. Once you have found out about your pregnancy please stop taking ghee prasadam. Use the remaining ghee to light lamps in your puja room.

You should definitely consider getting the oil prasadam for your pregnancy.

After completing 48 days of taking ghee prasadam, I still have some ghee left. What should I do?

Use the remaining ghee to light lamps in your puja room.

The first time I did the puja I did not take the prasadam properly. Some time has passed. I want to take the prasadam now, should I do another puja?

Doing the puja once is sufficient. If you have stopped taking the prasadam but have some ghee leftover then please start using the same prasadam and this time around do take it seriously and complete the 48 days,

If the quantity remaining with you is not sufficient for 48 days then mix some more store brought ghee with the remaining prasadam ghee.

Procedure to use oil prasadam:

The prasadam given is castor oil that has been placed at the feet of the Goddess. This castor oil has been charged with mantras and has to be applied in small quantities over the abdomen every day. It can be applied after a bath.

The castor oil has to be applied to the abdomen when labour pains start. However these days most people obtain the prasadam as early as the third month of pregnancy while some women start in the 7th month. Women should apply a little quantity over the uterus every day. This can be applied after a bath.

I personally started using the prasadam from the first day I found out about the pregnancy (very early in the first trimester.)

When you start using the prasadam is really up to you as an individual.

There are no food restrictions while taking prasadam. The woman can continue taking non-vegetarian food.

During the period of the pregnancy, it is good if the women can recite the mantras listed here. If time permits the mantras can be chanted 108 times after morning or evening puja. If there is insufficient time then please chant as many times as is possible for you.

Audio slokas for download are available here. These audio slokas and songs are very powerful with excellent vibrations for your unborn child.

Please note that there are no other rules for chanting mantra. Please chant as you would chant any other mantra/sloka in the presence of Amman’s photo or keeping Amman’s thoughts in your mind.

You can read testimonials of people who have taken oil prasadam here

Punugu sattam for skin diseases, cardiac diseases and other health conditions.

Lord Mulaivananathar is renowned for his powers to heal people. At this temple, he is worshipped as the Lord of health. As this is a swayambu lingam made of mud it is not possible to offer abishegam here and hence the priests do the abishegam with punugu sattam. This punugu sattam is offered to devotees as prasadam for health conditions; particularly skin diseases, cardiac problems and other surgical conditions.

It has to be noted that the punugu sattam is not always offered to Lord Mullaivananathar. It is offered on the 11th day after the new moon. This day is also called the Valarpirai Pradosham.

Once devotees obtain the punugu sattam they can apply small quantities on the affected parts of their bodies after taking a bath and offering puja at home.

Devotees can also listen to songs of Lord Mulaivanathanar. These songs are available for download here.

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  1. Meghana Sooraj

    I would like to know some details regarding the prasadam as i am trying to conceive.

    1. jananibarath

      Dear Meghana

      I hope your prayers are soon answered. i have sent you details by e-mail.



      1. Sume

        Where is this temple

        1. Padmini

          I would like to know the procedure for ordering the ghee. To be couriered to Bangalore

        2. Push

          Can Ghee Prasad mix with other ghee …not cow ghee

      2. rasmi nayak

        Hello ..I want to know when ll get maa amma prasadam..I hv already paid.. kindly help me…

        1. Soumya

          How to get prasadam? details please

      3. Nivedita

        Hi ma’am,

        I had mestural cycle in between taking the Ghee prasadam. But my husband had continue taking it. Now how to consider 48 days? Should i oonly take prasadam extra 5days or should we both take prasadam together extra 5days? Please advice.

      4. Vaishali

        Give u r contact number mam talk to personally

        1. Satya

          Hi Vaishali,

          I started using ghee from sep 16th and my last menstrual period was August 23rd. While using the ghee I didn’t get my period on sep 23rd and continued the ghee till now. And till yesterday it was 39th day. But on Oct 23rd also missed the period but on Oct 27th I have seen spotting. I did even the urine test but there it is negative only still. Bleeding didn’t start should we consider this as first day of period or not. If in case if I didn’t get pregnant in this 48 days. Should I order ghee again and use for 48 days again. Reply me fast.

        2. பாலாஜி

          என் மகள் ஒரு ஊரிலும் வேலை நிமித்தமாக மாப்பிள்ளை வெளியூரில் இருப்பதால் நெய் பிரசாதம் எப்படி எடுத்துக் கொள்ளலாம்?

        3. Abhishek Gaonkar

          When during menstrual cycle,
          Wife stops Prasadam for 5 days. After husband complete 48 days, wife is 5 days less.
          So should she take for another 5 days after husbands 48 days ?

    2. Mohana lakshmi

      Sir I had booked ghee at online before 3days but still we didn’t get it so please kindly give me any number to contact or to give any tracking number.

  2. Nalayeni Rao

    I have been married for 3 years now and been trying for a child for the past one year. My husband and I did prayers but still no luck. We even sought medical help but unfortunately I had 2 miscarriages with the last one that happened last month . Now we are coming to kumbakonnam to do prayers at the navagraha temples. I read about this amman temple and decided to visit her. What should I prepare in advance and what are the pooja I need to do?Please give me details and thank you in advance

    1. jananibarath

      It is good to know that you are planning to visit the temple to seek blessings. No special preparations are required. If you want to offer a saree you may want to take it with you as it is not always available outside the temple.

      There is no need to book any puja in advance. Just visit the temple and you will see that the process is fairly simple.

      I wish you all the best

    2. Unna

      Hi madam,
      I’m from Malaysia I had been visited this Amma last month August & had a such wonderful blessing from her.still now I’m continuing taking ghee prasatham… But I would like asked u mam ist ok if after take ghee both of us went work? bcoz me & husband mostly working night shift so I just wan mk clarify here….
      Tq madam
      Reply soon

    3. S. Durga

      Nan oct 2 kovilku vanthen 48 days nei saptu mudichiten. But idaila nan travel panna vendiyathu irunthathu so nan thaniya nei sapten. En hus work panre placela irunthu nei saptanga. Ipom 48 days complete pannitom. Meethi nei iruku. Nanga onna thungumbodhu than nei sapdanuma. Appom again 48 days nanga sapdalama.

  3. K Hima Bindu

    Hi Madam,

    We are married for 7 years now and don’t have children. We have visited many doctors but of no use.

    I would like to seek blessings from AMMA. Kindly let me know the puja vidhi and help me with Prasadam.

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Hima Bindu K

  4. K.Jagtiani

    Dear Madam,

    My daughter has concieved and is now in the start of the 8th month. Request you to help me in procuring the oil to be applied on her abdomen. She is in Mumbai. What is the cost ,and how do I send this money to you. Also how will she receive the oil.

    I thank Devi for Blessing my daughter and that she continues to do so.
    I also pray that all those who come to her are also Blessed.

    Thank You

    Awaiting your reply,



  5. lidyamanohar

    I hve much trust with amman I’m bangalore I have a daughter of 4 yr girl baby now it’s blessing of the goddess hence I hve misplaced the prayers wich was sent to me before can u Pl forward me the prayers thank u

      1. Anjali

        When will I get ghee prasad?

    1. pooja parasram bajantri

      dear mam , pls help me with ghee prasadam n oil n n also let me know about pujas so we can do it asap

      1. jananibarath


        I have sent you details by e-mail.


  6. sravanthi

    I am very thankful to you maam for the keen interest you have shown in letting us know about the details regarding pooja performance and prasadam delivery. We are very happy with your service. we have received prasadam yesterday. we are very happy to receive amman photo, kumkum, vibhudi and ghee prasadam.But Currently my wife is in 3rd month. can she take ghee prasadam or should we use it for lighting lamps in puja?
    We have read in the FAQs related to ghee prasadam that once conceived the ghee should be used for lighting lamps in puja. But my wife feels like taking it. As ghee prasadam has divine blessings of amman it will protect baby from all troubles and keeps baby safe. please let us know whether she can take ghee prasadam or not in the entire journey of pregnancy.

    1. jananibarath

      Dear Sravanthi

      Thank you for your kind words regarding our service. Please note that in the form you have submitted it is indicated that you are trying to conceive and hence we have sent the ghee prasadam. Please do not use ghee prasadam if you are already pregnant, it is only for women who are trying to conceive.

      The prasadam for pregnancy is castor oil prasadam. The oil has to be applied on the stomach. I will write to you with further details by e-mail.

      May Garbarakshambigai Amman bless you with a safe pregnancy and easy delivery.



  7. sirisha

    We have no children after 8 years of marriage. My mother recently visited the temple and brought us the ghee prasadam but somehow my husband will not be able to take the ghee prasadam due to some personal reasons I have strong faith in the ghee prasadam . Can I take it alone ? Infact I have taken it for 5 days. If I cannot continue it, pls syggest me what to do with the ghee
    Thanking you

  8. Ammu

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to seek blessings of amma thru ghee prasad. Please let me know the procedures to get the prasadham.

  9. Gayatri

    Hiii I have polycystic ovaries and my Gynea has prescribed me Birth control pills for next three months.. My relative has got me this ghee and told start consuming it from dat after tomorrow but I was wondering since I am taking birth control pills medicines to control my harmones I will not be able to conceive even after trying. So should I consume the ghee or should I consume it after my pills course end?

  10. deena

    hi madam, im form malaysia.. I have been married for 2 years now and been trying for a child and i want to order ghee pooja for amman. can u guide me how to do the safe order pooja order.

  11. Ramya

    Hello madame,

    We recently came across this temple and have received the ghee prasadam through a relative.
    My husband and I live in the US and we are trying to conceive.

    If you can please share your email address, I would like to get few questions answered.

  12. Saipriya

    My daughter is preganant . Now she is 7th month with AMMA’S blessings. Please for her safe and easy delivery. For apply the castor oil where have to ask. I asked castor oil but they sent ghee. Please send AMMA”S castor oil soon. Already it is late


  13. Vishwa Pradeep

    Dear madam, I am very very happy with ur service. in 1st pregnancy we have healthy son. This is 2nd pregnancy for my wife. This time also we have ordered the same. I request everyone trust Amman goďess her blessings will be with us. Thanks to Janani ji .

  14. Anil

    Dear madam I recieved punugu sattam prasadam today by courier, can you please tell me the procedure to consume

  15. Dhanasekar

    Dear madam,
    I got married 3 years ago, and she got abortion in the same year at 5 months pregnancy. From then we r trying to conceive and finally the pregnancy got confirmed this August 2016.
    We heard about Amman temple and we want Amman blessings. So can I come alone to take prakasam to my wife for safe delivery.
    Now she is pregnant, should she take Ghee prasadam or Oil prasadam.
    How can I get these prasadam, will they offer to me and on which day I should come to receive it.
    I am CHITTOOR Andhra Pradesh.
    Please guide me madam , I will be thankful to you

  16. Jayalakshmi

    My daughter is in her eighth month of pregnancy now. We received Oil Prasadam from temple.
    By the grace of God, It has been initiated to perform Valaikappu and Seemandham on November 13th.
    When should we start applying oil and how? If there is any break in between, will it be harmful?
    We seek the Blessings of Goddess for her safe delivery and healthy baby. Her expected date is around end of December

  17. ambika

    Dear madam,

    My husband and i have been married for 5 years now. We seem to have some obstacle or the other every time we plan on conceiving. Finally in 2015 we were able to try but unfortunately had 2 miscarriages. Since then i have had a fear of conceiving but with a lot of prayers i think i am finally ready to try again. My mother-in-law heard about the goddess and got the prasadam for me. We started taking the prasadam but due to the nature of my husbands job he has to travel often and we cant seem to take the prasadam without break. Also my husband is not able to eat the ghee as is. is it ok if i give it with some bread?
    Is there any other thing i can do to get the blessing of goddess? The obstacles seem to be neverending for me.

  18. Jishna

    I have married since 5 years, not yet blessed with a child. I have a problem of Poly cystic ovaries.I am chanting Garbarakshambikai amman slokam daily . Even santhanagopala mantram and ghee prasadam of Lord vishnu.I am wanting to get a child.Please pray for me. Surely I will visit the Temple Once I will get a baby.

  19. Shrutisudke

    How can i get the prasadam ghee without coming to kumhakonnam.



  21. Aruna

    14 yrs married life, got blessed ghee prasadam from Amman Temple on 12th jan17.. now doctor has confined I have conceived… I want get blessed castor oil prasadam with mantras from Annan Temple. plz call me how to get…

  22. Aruna

    I will be more thankfull to Amman reg pregnency… plz bless me for safe pregnency and easy delivery….


    We have recently visited garbharakshambhika temple a month ago and been offered with ghee prasadam to get conceive, we have mixed the offered ghee with 1/2 kg pure cow ghee and together(my wife and me) having a teaspoon on everyday night before going to the bed. We started taking the ghee from March1st 2017 and we are about finsih the ghee in next 3 days or so. So far we have taken the ghee close to 30 days, but still we have to take this for remaining days to complete 48 days. Do we need to purchase another 1/2 kg cow ghee and mix within the current one? Or do we need to get ghee from temple again. Please suggest!

  24. Pavana

    Hi ,
    We received ghee from one of my friend and we reside at Malaysia … even before reviving ghee I had conceived and 10 weeks pregnant now .
    Please let me know if I can still start to take the ghee or not

    1. jananibarath

      Please discontinue ghee after you conceive. You can use remaining ghee to light lamps in the puja room. You can get oil prasadam and apply after completing 3rd or 7th month. It is also enough if you apply at time of labour.

  25. Subha

    Need ghee prasadam.let me know how to get it from online

    1. jananibarath

      I have sent the details by e-mail

  26. Shaifali goel

    I want to ask that during periods i will not consume the prasad but my husband will continue for 48 after periods i had to consume for extra days to make it my husband will take for more days ?
    Please reply

    1. jananibarath

      Dear Shaifali

      Your husband should continue with the prasadam when you have periods. He can stop when he completes 48 days. You can start taking a break in eating the prasadam and continue after your periods. You need to complete 48 days.

  27. Srilaxmi

    My mom prepaid ghee at home and added ghee prasadam in very hot ghee itself.
    I think it should be mixed after cooling only.

    Is it ok if we mix in hot ghee or not ? Plz give me information . Thanks in advance


  28. Pinky Saravanan

    Dear mam,
    Very nice article,mam what kolam we should put in the temple

    1. jananibarath

      Dear Pinky

      I am very happy that you liked the article.

      It is just smearing the ghee on the steps of the temple. The procedure is called applying kolam but in reality, it is applying the ghee on the step of the Amman Sannidhi.

      Warm Regards


    Mam I went to temple yesterday and received the ghee prasadam yesterday I have not yet started taking ghee as my husband is going out of station tomorrow he reach only on Tuesday what may I do .I ve read the book bought from temple it has asked wife to continue the ghee till 48days even if husband can’t take it due to unavoidable situations what may I do mam am confused

  30. Ankitha


    WE NEED CHILD PLS GIVE details to perform pooj and i need some slokas and as given in web page regarding prasadam . Plz help me am waiting for ur replay

  31. Devika Rani

    Married in 2009. Trying to conceive since we got married. Please I want Amman ghee prasadam. Do we need to perform pooja compulsory…. Please send me complete details

  32. Devika Rani

    Married in 2009. Trying to conceive since we got married. Please I want Amman ghee prasadam. Do we need to perform pooja compulsory…. Please send me complete details….

  33. Rakesh babu

    Dear Respected Madam / Sir,

    My wife is conceived by blessing of Amman & now in start of 8th month. Request you to help me in procuring the oil to be applied on her abdomen. We are located at Bangalore. Please reply with process to receive the oil.
    Wife Name – Shomal Rakesh
    Contact Numbe – 9739978999

  34. S.Velmurugan

    HI Sir,

    We got married in 2016.

    My wife and i trying to conceive for the past 2 years. We had two miscarriages un fortunately.

    We heard about the powerful Amman,.
    We are planning to visit the temple next week, can we take the prasad in temple itself or we need to order separately?

    Please give us the complete info.

    Thanks and Regards,

  35. K R Arvinthadhithya

    Hi sir,

    I am K R Arvinthadhithya from Singapore . I ordered online for Amman Gee prasadam and also I paid 500 /- Rs by online but I don’t receive any confirmation from temple pls advise or call me this no +65 90221271

  36. Kavi

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My Sister is pregnant and her due date is in the last week of august. We have made payment for oil prasadham on 07/12/2018. She lives in USA. How long does it take to ship the oil prasadham from India to USA. After how many days from today can she expect to receive the prasadham. Please clarify.


  37. Lakshmi

    Both we are not having the ghee Bcoz the ghee went bad shall I go to the temple again and doing the same for get conceive

  38. M.Ashokkumar

    My wife is conceived by blessing of amman & now in start of 8th month. Request you to help me in procuring the oil for sughaprasavam. we are located in arakonam. please reply with process to receive the oil
    wife Name – G.sasikala
    Contact no: 9092414067, 9894052160

  39. Karunanithi

    I want gee prasatham for my sister, how to order help me

  40. Sneha

    My husband is in nite shift for one I got the ghee Prasadam, how to use the Prasadam pls help me

    How to use the Prasadam and procedure to use it…

  41. Tejaswini

    Hi, I ordered ghee from temple and I have taken 48 days but not regular so again I want to order can I ?please reply .thank you

  42. Srikant

    Namaste. My in-laws got the oil prasadam from the temple, but my wife delivered before they could come to us (we live in USA). what should we do with the oil prasadam? Thanks

  43. HR

    My daughter just attained puberty. I had prayed during my pregnancies at the temple and both were normal deliveries. Was thinking since Ambigai anyway protects the uterus, can I also pray and ask for puja so that my daughter’s menstrual cycles are healthy and regular?

    But when I order online, it only asks for “Trying to conceive” or “pregnant?”

    Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Ramya Bhushan

      Yes Goddess Amman is responsible for uterus related problems. You can order puja for kumkum and vibhuthi.

  44. Preethi G


    Both me and my husband have consumed the ghee prasadam for 48 days and i conceived in next 10 days.. however I had a miscarriage before 3 months.. why is it happened to me??

    1. Ramya Bhushan

      Dear Preethi

      I can understand your pain and frustration. It is not easy when you are trying so hard and not getting the positive result. Sometimes things are not in our control and we cannot understand the mysterious ways that God works.
      Please continue to have faith but also develop the strength to face whatever lies in your destiny, There is no prescribed manner of performing the puja. It is only your comfort level with the Goddess, you can do it in any way that is easy for you.
      I pray that you get positive results very soon.

      I also suggest you ton start using oil prasadam as soon as you conceive.

  45. Sasi

    hi madam,

    We are taking ghee, in between 4 days due to travel my husband went out of chennai but i was in home , but we both ate ghee these 4 days separately.
    So shall we stop after 48 days, or again need to extend for those 4 days which we are not stay together .

    1. Ramya Bhushan

      Dear Sasi

      Total of 48 days has to be completed individually, so you need not extend it for 4 more days.

  46. Vipra

    Hello sir can we have this prasad with warm milk or water

    1. Ramya Bhushan

      Dear Vipra

      Its better to consume the prasadam while having dinner.

  47. Tamilarasi

    I had ordered ghee prasadam yesterday… When I will get prasadam… How many days it will take ??? And when I need to order oil prasadam at which month??? Thank you

    1. Ramya Bhushan

      After the puja is performed the prasadam will reach you within 7-10 days if you are in India and 20-25 days if you live abroad.
      I personally suggest devotees to order for oil prasadam in their third month of pregnancy

  48. Sheelpa

    Confirm a non-veg saptalama mam during taking ggee

  49. Sheelpa

    Whether Non-veg can be taken while taking ghee??

    1. Ramya Bhushan

      Dear Sheelpa

      There is no food restrictions while taking the prasadam. Food consumption is individual choice.


    Namaste .I orderd ghee prasadam now . one problem we are lived different places for the sake of job .we met 15 days once how can we take ghee prasadam.please give me suggestions

    1. Ramya Bhushan

      Dear Sunitha

      The prasadam should be taken for 48 days in a stretch. I would suggest you to see if there is any possibility for you both to stay together and consume the prasadam together.
      Both husband and wife should consume the prasadam before sleep and should sleep together.


    I got the ghee prasad through my friend and before I could start using it my pregnancy got confirmed.
    I have not yet opened the ghee yet. So what should I do with that ghee prasadham now.
    Please confirm.

    1. Ramya Bhushan

      Dear Gayathri

      Congratulations on your pregnancy.
      You can use the ghee to light the lamp at the puja room.

  52. Ravi Krishnaswamy

    I would like to know the charges for the ghee prasadam?
    Can you please send the details to my email please

    Thanks in advance

    1. Ramya Bhushan

      A email is sent to you with all the details.

  53. Surendra reddy B

    Hello sir/madam

    I want ghee Prasadam
    How I can get
    Means how I hav to pay money for that

    1. Ramya Bhushan

      Dear Devotee
      Thank you for writing in. If you are trying to conceive, don’t worry – there is hope as thousands of devotees who seek the blessings of this Goddess have been blessed with children. Place your faith in the merciful mother Garbarakshambigai Amman and pray for her blessings.
      I have sent you an email with the details of the puja and the procedure to order prasadam. With Amman’s grace I wish there is a conception soon.
      Wish you the best.

  54. Pandiyalakshmi

    I am trying to get conceive. please help me to pooja and prasadam

  55. Suganya

    i’ve taken ghee for 48 days. but not yet conceived. Shall I continue the prasadam until to get conceive?

    Please suggest.

  56. Divya Shree Lohit

    How can I buy this oil ?? I’m from Bengaluru

  57. Maragathamani. M

    I need to book the oil can u instruct how to buy it
    Pls give email or contact number to clear my dhouts

  58. Madhu

    Namasthe, we got married at 23rd August 2018 I had thyroid and pcod trying to conceive since but no result.we heard about garbarakshambigai amma ghee prasadam through a friend and taking ghee from last 4days
    I have a doubt. Can I warm the ghee before consuming?

  59. Archana Vasudevan

    I am 6 months pregnant now… I have already lost my first kid in 8.5 months pregnancy 2 years back… so I am very scared as how this pregnancy will move… kindly tell me what pooja and prasadham should I take and how so that I can book the pooja for the same… I am requesting your kind help so that I can deliver a healthy child this time….

  60. Savsani nirali dharmesh

    As instructed to us, we took the ghee for 48 days and we both prayed god with full faith and were chatting the Mantra whenever we get time. No words to express the power of our divine god Sri Garbarakshambigai. God has made us to realize the power of her and we are very thankful to Amma. Few miracle incident happened in my house after the 48 days and I am happy to inform you that the doctor has confirm that I m pregnant. I just want to inform the devotee that if you keep praying Amma with full faith and chat the Mantra, you will surely get the good news and there is no doubt about it.- Blessed devotee

    1. Bhavya

      We are travelling to kolhapur for 2 days however will take Ghee to intake. Can someone at home do pooja on behalf of us?

  61. M. Ananda gajapathi

    Amma dayavala maku ghee prasadham evala andhukunamu kani maa surname oka mahila chanipoyaru maku mailu vachindi kani memu esari mailu patadamledhu. Memu prasadham tinavacha teliyacheyagalaru

  62. Deepika

    Hi. Myself Deepika. I need to get conceive I need ghee in online. How to order. Could you please assist

  63. chandra

    i m now 7 months pregnant i need castrol oil so plz kindly suggest me to get.

  64. Sowmya


    I have ordered for ghee and I received and I took it for 18 days, now my result is positive… Can I stop ghee prasad…

  65. Keerthana

    Hi Team, I have requested for Goddess ghee on 2nd Oct 2021, and I dint receive the email confirmation yet. Though I have sent out mails and also submitted the form. And made the payments too.
    Requested name: Husband – R Kishore & Wife – Keerthana CR
    Requested location: Bangalore (Details sent over mail and in form too)
    Awaiting for response.

  66. Viswashini Vigneshwaran

    Very powerful godess amman Sri Garbharakshambikai amman,we took ghee prashadam for 44 days before completing 48 days I have confirmed that I’m pregnant.We have blessed with amman’s mercy.

  67. Dhivya

    How to use punugu sattam ? I have skin problem.I want to know whether I have to eat the vibuthi or apply on the skin.

  68. Sudha

    Hi, I am pregnant and I am taking oil prasadam from many days. recently one of my family member died, can we apply this prasadam or should I wait till the pedda karma completes. Please reply me


    Annaivarukkum vanakkam

  70. Sangeetha

    My daughter got married before one year she is not conceive still .so please send be the oil prasatham to my daughter.My daughter name is sangeetha

  71. Ramya


    I’m trying to conceive frm 6 months, n it’s been 3.5 years of marriage. please help me with d procedure of getting online ghee and can i alone consume this as my husbnd sometimes won’t believe in these, i will try my best to convince if not only can i?please send me d steps r procedure to get online ghee for my mail id

  72. Charitha

    Me and my husband consumed ghee for 48 days and I could not conceive within 48 days
    Should start taking ghee prasadam again for 48 days and v have ghee prasadam left with us

    1. jananibarath

      Dear Devotee,
      It is lovely to know that you have completed 48 days of Pooja and prasadam.
      Please Continue offering pooja to AMMAN,
      Please use the remaining Ghee to light lamps in the pooja room.

  73. Soumya

    How to get prasadam? details please

  74. Soumya

    How to get prasadam details please

  75. B కుమార్

    Amma vari prasadam నెయ్యి ఎలా వాడాలి

  76. Sri

    Hi i visited temple in 15th October 2022. Actually i don’t know the ghee prasad need to take couple. 1st 12days i only taken my husband did not take. after i read book. both are starting to taking. till today we started taking 22 days. if i get period after that can i start and what about husband. if he continue he will complete 48days 1st after that i should complete. can you please help me. this year may completed 8years of my marriage. please meanwhile my husband getting several health issues.
    If do anything more to get pregnant

  77. Ritika

    Hi can I start taking ghee prasadam during my intake of contraceptive pills suggested by my doctor for next 18 days, or should I start after 18 days

  78. Ujjwal kumari

    What to do with vibhuti and kumkum given with ghee prasadam?

  79. Ganesan

    Hi team,

    I need to order oil for my wife so can you please confirm the link for the online purchase?

  80. Ruchi

    My Husband is having fever so we are not in relationship. Should we continue to eat ghee or should we eat next month when we are in relationship.

  81. Ashok Kumar

    4 Years got over treatment is going on .My wife has pcdos problem.One of my well wisher told about this i want to order ghee how can i get ….Please help me i this its showing prasadam there is no clarity of ghee so requesting

  82. Ashok Kumar

    I would like to know the charges for the ghee prasadam
    Can you please send the details to my email please

  83. Akansha

    I m married for 7 years.
    Due to some medical conditions dr told me to take IVF treatment. I m visiting temple in May but
    I have to take IVF treatment in October so when should I take ghee prasadan in May or before starting IVF treatment.

  84. Mohan

    Prasadam tesukuna apudu non veg tinnavacha

  85. Keerthana

    Hi I want ghee Prasadam how can I order online please let me know

  86. Reshma

    I want how to order ghee please guide me

  87. Kavi

    Amman in very powerful. We should always have faith in Her.
    With Amman blessings my wife is pregnant 7 months.

    Please advise us when to start to use their oil prasadam over the abdomen?

    Thank you

  88. V.sridevi

    Ghee prasadam

  89. Vaishali

    I already paid when will i get ghee prasadham

  90. D durga prasad

    We want ghee for consive

  91. Lohith

    Hi could you please guide me to order the ghee prasadam please.

  92. Ishan

    Please suggest what to do if we have taken the prasad for more than 48 days due to incorrect calculation. Also, we have not stayed together for some days in between but continued to take prasad individually during those days. Should we restart the cycle of 48 days or is if fine?

  93. Ramya

    Hi ,
    I am married since 5 yrs , no kids , I have adenomiosis, fibroid, suffering from pain from long time , tried all treatment,but can’t see any hope in getting pregnant, by taking this prasadam of devi , will my problems stop and can I get pregnant,can i conceive.Please tell me by understanding my situation please

  94. Dhanunjay yadav

    I want ghee Prasad how to order???

  95. Pallavi

    Hi I and my husband was taking ghee regularly. But one day I missed taking it however my husband is regularly taking it. Should both of us restart for 48 days or only I should restart as I have missed taking ghee for 1 day

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