We will let you know once the puja has been completed. Sometimes we are not able to send the tracking information to all the customers. If you are within India the prasadam should typically reach you within 21 days and if you live outside India it usually takes between 30-50 days for the prasadam to reach. If you haven’t received the prasadam by this time we can perform the puja again and resend the prasadam to you at no extra cost- we do this because we understand that the value of puja and prasadam cannot be measured in terms of money. However, if you want a refund at this stage we will be happy to give you a refund.

If you order other religious items from our website and want a refund we will discuss the issue with you. Please write to us at saifoundation@gmail.com

Need help?

Contact us at saifoundation@gmail.com for questions related to refunds and returns.