11th September 2012

It’s nice to hear from you that puja went very well. As per your guidance, myself and my wife we both prayed and meditated to the Divine Goddess Garbarakshambigai for her divine blessings. I would like to thank you personally for so much efforts been taken for our puja as well as for prasadam and showing lot of interest in our welfare.

Looking forward eagerly for the Prasadam as well as for our Divine Child.


20th September 2012

I received the prasad today. It was very well packed . I feel blessed to receive it on Ganjesh Chaturti. Thank you very much. We shall take prasad in the same way as instructed by you.


26th September 2012

I received the Prasadam. Thanks for your response. What you do is an excellent service and a noble one. I will surely share this with my friends and help them reap the blessings. Thank you very much. My best wishes to you:-)



11th November 2012

Thank you for your immense service. I got the prasadam package 2 days before in good condition. Thank you so much once again. You are doing a great service.


25th June 2011

Thanks for all the things done related to Puja. We received oil prasadam along with photo of goddess and other items. We will follow your instructions for applying the Oil prasadam.

Really appreciate the way everything that is done especially the response to all our questions is very commendable.


Nisha Niar

17th September 2012

With the blessings of Goddess Garbharakshambigai, my sister, Usha Menon, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh successfully gave birth to a baby girl, Arya, inspite of a very complicated pregnancy.

Chanting the name of Maa, I believe, helped in this miracle. Doctors had warned us that we may lose the baby and feared that the mother was also in danger. We all broke down. A few months earlier I had downloaded Maa Garbharakshambigai stothram and given to my sister but didn’t remember it myself in the hospital during my sister’s operation.

I simply kept praying to Maa Garbharakshambigai to save the mother and the child and to our good luck, the nurse came out with a premature but a beautiful baby girl and we all burst out into tears out of joy.

We couldn’t believe our eyes and when my sister was brought out of O.T. even though unconscious, her face look radiant like Maa’s blessing shone upon her. This has strengthened my belief in Maa Garbharakshambigai and I would encourage all going through such phase to pray to her. She will never leave your hand!



21st June 2012

How are you doing? Just to inform you that the prasadam has already arrived at my mother’s house. I will be collecting it either this week or next week as I live in another state in Malaysia. Im very pleased with your services and I will inform all my friends and family about it.

You are doing a great service for the community.


7th July 2012

Thank you Janani, for all the good work you do for the Indians around world – I appreciate all work – thank you again!!


19th October 2012

Thanks for all the help you have done to do the Pooja on our names. I had a safe delivery and blessed with a baby girl.

I have prayed to do a “Annadanam” on baby name

Mrs. Ramanujam:

28th November 2012

Thank you very much for ur kind mail. I am extremely happy that u had arranged pooja for me in the temple and sending me prasadam on 29th. Ur services to the mankind is superb ! No words to express my gratitude Janani. As per ur last mail, i WILL not fail to pray for u in my prayers to Shiridi Sai and my favourite God Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupathi… Now, i have taken u too as one of my family members and during my next vist to Bangalore, definitely, i want to meet u, it is my desire. Vidya told me that as per ur mail, her prasadam has already been despatched on 20th. We are eagerly waiting to receive it. As per the time u have mentioned, vidya’s prasadam will reach us by 11th or 12th dec, and mine will be by 20th or 21st Dec, i have taken the max. time of 3 weeks from the dt.of despatching from ur end. I am very confident that without any problem, our prasadams will come to us by Goddess blessings and grace.

Janani, for me which is the prasadam being sent. U have not mentioned in ur mail. As soon as we get the prasadam, i will let u know thro mail. Once again, thanks a lot for ur selfless,super services that u are doing. May Goddess and Lord bless u with all happiness, good health and wealth in ur life.