Geetha Varadarajan – Houston,Texas – USA

Sub : Conceived and blessed with baby boy in fourth year of marriage with the blessings from Garbarakshambigai amman.

There were no medical or other reasons for conceiving in my first 3 years of marriage. My close friend who had a similar problem got blessed after visiting the Garbarakshambigai temple and taking the ghee prasadam.

As i am living out of the country , I requested Janani to offer pooja and send me the ghee prasadam. We prayed from USA during the pooja time as mentioned by Janani. After the pooja , I received oil prasadam (which is to be taken after conceiving)instead of ghee, and i was really worried. I requested Janani to send me ghee prasadam. Janani understood the problem and encouraged me saying that, it all happened only for a good reason and asked me to chant the sloka daily before i receive my ghee prasadam .

With the blessings of Garbarakshambigai amman, my conception period started even before receiving the ghee prasadam. That means my pregnancy got confirmed just 10 days after receiving ghee prasadam. We understood that amman knowingly sent the oil prasadam during first time itself with her blessings. This is really a miracle!!

Now we are very happy to share that we have been blessed with a baby boy on March  you Janani for helping me to get the Grace of Divine and Mighty Mother·

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  1. Janaranjani

    Hi Iam also staying in USA ..please help me receive oil prasadam for safe delivery..I am 8 months pregnant.

    1. jananibarath

      Thanks for writing in. I have replied to your enquiry via e-mail. If you want to contact me directly my e-mail id is

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