You will receive only one prasadam i.e. either oil or ghee

The instruction for ghee prasadam:

The prasadam given is ghee that has been placed at the feet of the Goddess. This ghee has been charged with mantras. 

This ghee prasadam has to be mixed with a half Kilo of cow’s ghee at home. You can use any ghee that is available in the market like Amul, Nandini, GRB etc. One teaspoonful of this prasadam has to be consumed for 48 days by both husband and wife. This ghee prasadam should not be consumed by anyone other than the couple trying to conceive.

Both husband and wife should take one spoon of the ghee each before going to bed at night. This ghee has to be taken before the couple go to bed together. Please understand the sprit behind this instruction. You cannot mix the ghee with any other food.

Avoid taking the prasadam when you have your menstrual periods. The husband can continue to take the prasadam when the wife has her periods. Hence the husband will complete 48 days before the wife.

There are no food and medicine restrictions while taking this prasadam.

Many people who have had faith in the Goddess have been blessed with a baby. If you conceive during this 48 days STOP taking the ghee prasadam. Use the remaining ghee to light oil lamps in puja room.

If there is any ghee remaining over even after 48 days use this ghee to light oil lamps.

FAQ’s for ghee prasadam

Traveling while using ghee prasadam: It is ideal if the husband and wife remain together and take the prasadam for 48 days./ If the husband and wife are traveling together then please carry prasadam so you will not miss taking the prasadam. If either the husband or wife have to travel due to unavoidable circumstances then please continue the 48 days when the couple is together again.

What if I miss taking the prasadam for a day/few days: Please try and be regular while taking the prasadam. However if you have forgotten to take the prasadam then continue from the next day and complete 48 days.

Procedure to use oil prasadam:

The prasadam given is castor oil that has been placed at the feet of the Goddess. This castor oil has been charged with mantras and has to be applied in small quantities over the abdomen every day. It can be applied after bath.

At the time of labour too it should be applied over the abdomen to ease labour pains and make the passage for the baby to the outside world safe.

Usually it is enough if you start applying oil in 8th month of pregnancy. However it is a personal decision. Some people feel it is good to receive blessings of Devi right from the beginning and start applying the oil early in pregnancy. In this case please start applying oil from 3rd month on wards.

There is no restrictions on food while using prasadam.


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    1. jananibarath Post author

      Dear Meghana

      I hope your prayers are soon answered. i have sent you details by e-mail.



  2. Nalayeni Rao

    I have been married for 3 years now and been trying for a child for the past one year. My husband and I did prayers but still no luck. We even sought medical help but unfortunately I had 2 miscarriages with the last one that happened last month . Now we are coming to kumbakonnam to do prayers at the navagraha temples. I read about this amman temple and decided to visit her. What should I prepare in advance and what are the pooja I need to do?Please give me details and thank you in advance

    1. jananibarath Post author

      It is good to know that you are planning to visit the temple to seek blessings. No special preparations are required. If you want to offer a saree you may want to take it with you as it is not always available outside the temple.

      There is no need to book any puja in advance. Just visit the temple and you will see that the process is fairly simple.

      I wish you all the best

  3. K Hima Bindu

    Hi Madam,

    We are married for 7 years now and don’t have children. We have visited many doctors but of no use.

    I would like to seek blessings from AMMA. Kindly let me know the puja vidhi and help me with Prasadam.

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Hima Bindu K

  4. K.Jagtiani

    Dear Madam,

    My daughter has concieved and is now in the start of the 8th month. Request you to help me in procuring the oil to be applied on her abdomen. She is in Mumbai. What is the cost ,and how do I send this money to you. Also how will she receive the oil.

    I thank Devi for Blessing my daughter and that she continues to do so.
    I also pray that all those who come to her are also Blessed.

    Thank You

    Awaiting your reply,



  5. lidyamanohar

    I hve much trust with amman I’m bangalore I have a daughter of 4 yr girl baby now it’s blessing of the goddess hence I hve misplaced the prayers wich was sent to me before can u Pl forward me the prayers thank u

    1. pooja parasram bajantri

      dear mam , pls help me with ghee prasadam n oil n n also let me know about pujas so we can do it asap

  6. sravanthi

    I am very thankful to you maam for the keen interest you have shown in letting us know about the details regarding pooja performance and prasadam delivery. We are very happy with your service. we have received prasadam yesterday. we are very happy to receive amman photo, kumkum, vibhudi and ghee prasadam.But Currently my wife is in 3rd month. can she take ghee prasadam or should we use it for lighting lamps in puja?
    We have read in the FAQs related to ghee prasadam that once conceived the ghee should be used for lighting lamps in puja. But my wife feels like taking it. As ghee prasadam has divine blessings of amman it will protect baby from all troubles and keeps baby safe. please let us know whether she can take ghee prasadam or not in the entire journey of pregnancy.

    1. jananibarath Post author

      Dear Sravanthi

      Thank you for your kind words regarding our service. Please note that in the form you have submitted it is indicated that you are trying to conceive and hence we have sent the ghee prasadam. Please do not use ghee prasadam if you are already pregnant, it is only for women who are trying to conceive.

      The prasadam for pregnancy is castor oil prasadam. The oil has to be applied on the stomach. I will write to you with further details by e-mail.

      May Garbarakshambigai Amman bless you with a safe pregnancy and easy delivery.



  7. sirisha

    We have no children after 8 years of marriage. My mother recently visited the temple and brought us the ghee prasadam but somehow my husband will not be able to take the ghee prasadam due to some personal reasons I have strong faith in the ghee prasadam . Can I take it alone ? Infact I have taken it for 5 days. If I cannot continue it, pls syggest me what to do with the ghee
    Thanking you

  8. Ammu

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to seek blessings of amma thru ghee prasad. Please let me know the procedures to get the prasadham.

  9. Gayatri

    Hiii I have polycystic ovaries and my Gynea has prescribed me Birth control pills for next three months.. My relative has got me this ghee and told start consuming it from dat after tomorrow but I was wondering since I am taking birth control pills medicines to control my harmones I will not be able to conceive even after trying. So should I consume the ghee or should I consume it after my pills course end?

  10. deena

    hi madam, im form malaysia.. I have been married for 2 years now and been trying for a child and i want to order ghee pooja for amman. can u guide me how to do the safe order pooja order.

  11. Ramya

    Hello madame,

    We recently came across this temple and have received the ghee prasadam through a relative.
    My husband and I live in the US and we are trying to conceive.

    If you can please share your email address, I would like to get few questions answered.

  12. Saipriya

    My daughter is preganant . Now she is 7th month with AMMA’S blessings. Please for her safe and easy delivery. For apply the castor oil where have to ask. I asked castor oil but they sent ghee. Please send AMMA”S castor oil soon. Already it is late


  13. Vishwa Pradeep

    Dear madam, I am very very happy with ur service. in 1st pregnancy we have healthy son. This is 2nd pregnancy for my wife. This time also we have ordered the same. I request everyone trust Amman goďess her blessings will be with us. Thanks to Janani ji .

  14. Anil

    Dear madam I recieved punugu sattam prasadam today by courier, can you please tell me the procedure to consume

  15. Dhanasekar

    Dear madam,
    I got married 3 years ago, and she got abortion in the same year at 5 months pregnancy. From then we r trying to conceive and finally the pregnancy got confirmed this August 2016.
    We heard about Amman temple and we want Amman blessings. So can I come alone to take prakasam to my wife for safe delivery.
    Now she is pregnant, should she take Ghee prasadam or Oil prasadam.
    How can I get these prasadam, will they offer to me and on which day I should come to receive it.
    I am CHITTOOR Andhra Pradesh.
    Please guide me madam , I will be thankful to you

  16. Jayalakshmi

    My daughter is in her eighth month of pregnancy now. We received Oil Prasadam from temple.
    By the grace of God, It has been initiated to perform Valaikappu and Seemandham on November 13th.
    When should we start applying oil and how? If there is any break in between, will it be harmful?
    We seek the Blessings of Goddess for her safe delivery and healthy baby. Her expected date is around end of December

  17. ambika

    Dear madam,

    My husband and i have been married for 5 years now. We seem to have some obstacle or the other every time we plan on conceiving. Finally in 2015 we were able to try but unfortunately had 2 miscarriages. Since then i have had a fear of conceiving but with a lot of prayers i think i am finally ready to try again. My mother-in-law heard about the goddess and got the prasadam for me. We started taking the prasadam but due to the nature of my husbands job he has to travel often and we cant seem to take the prasadam without break. Also my husband is not able to eat the ghee as is. is it ok if i give it with some bread?
    Is there any other thing i can do to get the blessing of goddess? The obstacles seem to be neverending for me.

  18. Jishna

    I have married since 5 years, not yet blessed with a child. I have a problem of Poly cystic ovaries.I am chanting Garbarakshambikai amman slokam daily . Even santhanagopala mantram and ghee prasadam of Lord vishnu.I am wanting to get a child.Please pray for me. Surely I will visit the Temple Once I will get a baby.



  20. Aruna

    14 yrs married life, got blessed ghee prasadam from Amman Temple on 12th jan17.. now doctor has confined I have conceived… I want get blessed castor oil prasadam with mantras from Annan Temple. plz call me how to get…


    We have recently visited garbharakshambhika temple a month ago and been offered with ghee prasadam to get conceive, we have mixed the offered ghee with 1/2 kg pure cow ghee and together(my wife and me) having a teaspoon on everyday night before going to the bed. We started taking the ghee from March1st 2017 and we are about finsih the ghee in next 3 days or so. So far we have taken the ghee close to 30 days, but still we have to take this for remaining days to complete 48 days. Do we need to purchase another 1/2 kg cow ghee and mix within the current one? Or do we need to get ghee from temple again. Please suggest!


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