Don’t take your pregnancy for granted.

Invoke the blessings of the powerful Goddess Garbarakshambigai to ensure protection for the pregnant woman and the unborn baby.

I know how special it is to be pregnant. I also understand that pregnancy can be very stressful as it is the primary responsibility of the expectant mother to protect the tiny, fragile and vulnerable life that is forming in her womb. Though warm and protected, the baby and the mother are subject to several dangers and sometimes even miscarriage. To ensure safe childbirth, offer prayers during pregnancy to seek the blessings of the Goddess Garbarakshambigai.

The Goddess Garbarakshambigai is seated in the Garbarakshambigai temple. The temple is situated in Thirukarukavur, Papanasam Taluk, Tanjore District, TamilNadu. ‘Garba’ means ‘womb’, ‘Raksha’ means ‘to protect’ and ‘Ambigai’ means ‘The Divine Mother’ (incarnation of Parvathi). As the name suggests this temple protects the child in the womb and also keeps the pregnant woman safe. This Divine Goddess is known to ease the pains of labour and it is believed that she assists in easy childbirths and blesses with healthy children.

For centuries thousands of devotees, across the country, especially from South India visit the temple and offer prayers during pregnancy and special pujas to seek the blessings of the Goddess. Most of them have been blessed and have had safe pregnancies, easy labour and healthy children.

The inhabitants of the village Thirukarukavur, where the temple is situated, vouch for the fact, that within living memory, there has been no case of fatality to the mother or child during confinement. “No one in this place has ever had a miscarriage or pregnancy problems. It is at a place like this that one can understand what ‘Divine Presence’ is.” – this is what the inhabitants of the village have to say. Thousands of other pregnant women too, share testimonies of the blessings they have received from Goddess Garbarakshambigai.

You can read the story of Garbarakshambigai Amman and more details of the temple.

Offering puja at the temple:

Pregnant women have to offer a puja at the temple to pray for easy childbirth and protection of the baby growing in their wombs. The prasadam given is castor oil that has been placed at the feet of the Goddess. This castor oil has been charged with mantras and has to be applied in small quantities over the abdomen every day. Earlier it was said that the oil can be applied from the 7th month onward. Nowadays as people want to use it earlier, the temple recommends that it be used from 3rd month onward. At the time of labour, it should be applied over the abdomen to ease labour pains and make the passage for the baby to the outside world safe.

Complete instructions for taking the ghee prasadam can be found here

Apart from applying castor oil, the women are also encouraged if time permits, to chant the following slokams 108 times every day.

Special Puja

A special Pooja and Pushpanjali can be arranged at the Garbharakshambika temple to help overcome problems related to pregnancy and childbirth. Annadanam can also be offered at the temple.

Our Service

We understand your predicament that you cannot travel hundreds and thousands of kilometers to be present personally at the temple of the Goddess. We are here for you, to serve you and offer the pujas and prayers on your behalf. We will observe the strictest rituals in performing the pujas and will forward the prasadam directly from the temple priest.

What we will send you after arranging for puja at the temple.

  • Blessed Castor Oil Prasadam offered at the feet Amman
  • Kumkum and Vibhuthi packet
  • Photo of the Goddess
  • Stotram/Slokam that needs to be chanted

Book the puja and invite the blessing of the Goddess Garbarakshambigai into your womb.

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  1. Janaranjani


    I am staying otside India (USA)..and 8 months pregnant,how can i get oil prasadam? pls help me with details

    1. Preetha balaji

      Need pooja oil mam my sister is 7th month pregnant she has some complications for baby i heard about this God specialty so I need the pooja oil mam

  2. Kanchan Baptista

    Hi Janani, myself Kanchan from Mumbai, i had visited ur website sometimes back now, in it i learned abt the Goddes Garbakshambigai mantra, i had 2 miscarraiges in the past & couple of days back I got confirmed of my pregnancy which is 5 weeks old n have been advise bedrest, i used ti chant mantra 21 times – Aum Garbarakshambigai Cha Vidhmahe
    Mangala Devadaayaicha Dheemahe
    Thanno Devi Prachadaya…now i wanted to ask you that can i continue chanting the same mantra for my further safe n success pregnancy?
    Please advice

      1. Vasanti

        Janani ,
        How to contact you ?
        Do you have email / what’s app ?

        Just going thru the website and got your name. You helped me getting oil for my daughter (she is in USA ) for her safe delivery .

  3. divya

    I got two abnormal babies nw again i am two mnth pregnant pls bless me my baby to healthier

  4. divya

    Bless me to get healthiet baby i am two mnths pregnant

  5. Shilpa

    Hello I am shilpa from Bangalore what is the mantra to be chant for get pregnant

  6. Menuka

    Hi I am planning to visit the temple for safe delivery as i had a stillbirth and a miscarriage .do I have to be pregnant when I visit the temple or can I do puja for safe delivery before I fell pregnant. Please advise

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  8. Bharathy

    i am 5 weeks pregnant now i had a miscarriage a year before.. can i get the praadham oil and apply it till the delivery .. can i do so to protect the baby.. can you please advice on this sir.

  9. Geetika Kohli

    I have just ordered the puja and prasadam to protect my pregnancy. As am in Australia I cant perform the puja hence would like to get it performed on our behalf. Please let us know if you want me to recite any mantra or do any puja at home meanwhile i get the prasadam. We have been trying child for many years and now am 5 weeks pregnant and I want it to be protected. In my husbands family no one is able to conceive from last 20 years hence we want this pregnancy to be protected. Please advise and help.

    Warm regards

  10. Sridevi

    Hai I am Sri devi. I am 2 months pregnant now. Bless me to get healthiest baby.

  11. Kanimozhi

    I’m 7 weeks pregnant now please bless me for a healthy and safe pregnancy garbarakshambigai amma.please ennoda karuvai kaapathunga ithu ennoda 4th pregnancy….ennaku intha kuzhanthai kandipaaga vendum thaaye

  12. Ashwini

    Hi it’s possible to get castor oil directly.can u pls tell me when they will provide oil ? On which day.

    1. Ramya Bhushan

      Dear Ashwini
      It is possible to get oil prasadam directly from the temple. There is no specific day where the prasadam is issued, puja performed and prasadam issued on any day at the temple is auspicious.

  13. santhosh

    I Make the payments through the portal,and am not getting any details about the pooja and pradasham.
    can you please check and let me know

  14. SWETHA

    i may be pregnant . today i am going for check up. please pray for me.


  15. SWETHA sridhar

    i may be pregnant . today i am going for check up. please pray for me.


  16. C Bhuvaneswari

    I have made payment Rs.1500 for safe delivery pooja but the temple people are telling it is only Rs.200 and I don’t know why Rs.1500 is collected and not paid to the temple. Is this a genuine site. Please clarify and return back my money.

  17. Pavanpriya Talatam

    I’m 8months pregnant and I’m out of country (usa)
    I need oil
    How can I get it… Please tell me
    I already used ghee before pregnancy… After using that and chanting amma mantras
    I concieved with in 10days

  18. Prasanthi

    I have made payment on 2 nd November 2015 on an amount of Rs.1500/- online for oil due to some issues to my baby. When I will get oil. Please provide me details.


    Can anyone tell me how to use castor oil prasadam
    Present I am 2 months pregnant.
    Can i use it now?? And how to use the oil

  20. R. Sangeetha

    I am sangeetha saravanan Tiruvannamalai dist. Vandavadi Tk
    Irumbedu village 604 403 please oil send me

  21. Meena

    I got the castor oil and started using it. Yday.. some of the oil fell down from the shelf. Now I am really worried if this indicate something. I still have half the bottle with me I am 33 weeks now.

    1. jananibarath

      Dear Devotee,
      Garvarakshamvigai Amman is the divine Mother.
      She has infinite love for towards her devotees don’t worry about spilling the Oil,
      All will be Well.

  22. S.S.V.Sindhu

    How to order oil prasadam ?

  23. swetha w/o Achyuth

    Hello Madam, This is Swetha. My husband Achyuth has paid for oil prasadm on 29th August 2023. The address mentioned in the order is correct. Please deliver as soon as possible as we are travelling to Germany month end. Please send oil and bless us.

  24. Indrani

    I stay in Jamshedpur Jharkhand.I want to conceive.kindly guide me as to how I should offer Puja and get blessings and prasadam

  25. Arthi

    Arthi my daughter is 8th month she is having chicken pox so please send prasadam please.

  26. Keerthana

    How to get oil prasadam for online..
    Can you help me?

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