Ghee Prasadam for Conceiving

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Ghee Prasadam for Conceiving

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The instructions for ghee prasadam:

The prasadam given is ghee that has been placed at the feet of the Goddess. This ghee has been charged with mantras.

This ghee prasadam has to be mixed with a half Kilo of cow’s ghee at home. You can use any ghee that is available in the market like Amul, Nandini, GRB etc.

This ghee prasadam has to be taken for 48 days. The couple should have one teaspoon full of ghee before going to bed. The wife should avoid taking the prasadam when she has her menstrual cycle. The husband should however take it for 48 days continuously.

This prasadam has to be taken before the couple goes to bed together. The prasadam should be taken just before the husband and wife sleep together.

The ghee cannot be mixed with other food and should be taken separately. However, some people cannot tolerate ghee as it makes them nauseous. If it not possible to overcome the feeling of nausea then please mix the ghee with some simple vegetarian food like plain rice or roti and have it with your dinner.

As far as possible do not travel while taking the prasadam. Also, try not to forget to take the prasadam in between. However, if it is essential to travel or if you do forget to take the prasadam on some days then continue taking it thereafter till you complete 48 days.

There are no food restrictions while taking prasadam. The couple can continue taking non-vegetarian food.

This ghee will not go bad for more than 6 months and can be stored in either a refrigerator or at normal room temperature.

If a couple cannot visit the temple personally it is ok to get the prasadam through other people.

In the period of these 48 days, it is good if the couple can recite the mantras listed here. If time permits the mantras can be chanted 108 times after morning or evening puja. If there is insufficient time then please chant as many times as is possible for you.

Audio slokas for download are available here.

Please note that there are no other rules for chanting mantras. Please chant as you would chant any other mantra/sloka in the presence of Amman’s photo or keep Amman’s thoughts in your mind.

You can read testimonials of people who have taken ghee prasadam here

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Ghee Prasadam:

Should I stop taking treatment/medicines while taking the ghee prasadam?: 

No no no no no!! Please DO NOT stop taking any treatment or medicines. Your faith in Amman will add to the benefits of the treatment and medicines.

Your faith and the puja/prasadam will give you the additional mental strength to face your anxiety and remain calm at all times. While the puja and prasadam are extremely beneficial for this, it is not a replacement for any medication or treatment.

Travelling while using ghee prasadam:

It is ideal if the husband and wife remain together and take the prasadam for 48 days./ If the husband and wife are travelling together then please carry prasadam so you will not miss taking the prasadam. If either the husband or wife has to travel due to unavoidable circumstances then please continue the 48 days when the couple is together again.

What if I miss taking the prasadam for a day/few days?

Please try and be regular while taking the prasadam. However, if you have forgotten to take the prasadam then continue from the next day and complete 48 days.

What is my husband /wife refuses to take the prasadam?

It so happens on some occasions that one of the spouses mostly the husband and sometimes the wife refuses to take the prasadam. The reasons are varied – sometimes the spouse is not able to consume ghee in its raw form. In such cases, it can be mixed with simple vegetarian food like plain rice or roti and eaten.

In other cases, the spouse just does not have the required faith.  In such cases, the other spouse can take the prasadam alone. The main idea here is to show our devotion to Amman. Amman is the divine embodiment of Motherhood. I am sure She appreciates the devotion of Her devotees and is perfectly capable of understanding the situation as it is.

There can be no strict rules in this case. This is a matter of faith and not science. It is not rules that are important here but the spirit of our devotion and the relationship we have with the Goddess.

I have conceived before completing 48 days of ghee prasadam. Should I continue to have the prasadam?

No. Once you have found out about your pregnancy please stop taking ghee prasadam. Use the remaining ghee to light lamps in your puja room.

You should definitely consider getting the oil prasadam for your pregnancy.

After completing 48 days of taking ghee prasadam, I still have some ghee left. What should I do?

Use the remaining ghee to light lamps in your puja room.

The first time I did the puja I did not take the prasadam properly. Some time has passed. I want to take the prasadam now, should I do another puja?

Doing the puja once is sufficient. If you have stopped taking the prasadam but have some ghee leftover then please start using the same prasadam and this time around do take it seriously and complete the 48 days,

If the quantity remaining with you is not sufficient for 48 days then mix some more store-bought ghee with the remaining prasadam ghee.

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