Rijisha UAE

Mail received from Rijisha in 2016 at the time of ordering puja:

“I’m doing this pooja for the safe delivery since I have certain complications and there are chances of preterm delivery . Please pray for us”\

Mail received by Rijisha in 2017

Dear Janani,

I was in an impression that I already shared this news with you..but when I was going through the previous mails found out I didn’t do it.We are blessed with a baby girl on May 2016 and we named her aarohi.Doctors said it was a miracle that I went to the hospital for a normal check up when I was about to have a miscarriage.I was on bed rest for 3 months. I believe it’s Amma garbarakshambika’s blessing and she saved our baby.We will visit Amma with baby soon.
Thanks a lot



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