Sunita Shivaraman

Dear Janani

We would like to offer our thanks to Amman for our beautiful princess born on 22nd June 2017.
With the regular chanting of Amman shokla, I had a smooth pregnancy and delivered my angel without any major complications.
I wanted to offer my gratitude and would like to know if there is any pooja that we can offer as thanksgiving Also please let me know where I can make donations for the temple.
Thank you once again and will be praying for Amman blessings to reach all the needy devotees.
Kind regards,

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  1. Kavima

    I came to Amma temple and within a year i conceived my first child. Now my second child is 1 years old . Thank you Amma ! All my suffering has ended

    1. jananibarath

      Dear Kavita

      Thank you for sharing your testimony on the website. This gives hope to the hundreds of women who visit the site daily.

      Warm Regards

  2. N Srinivasan and Hema

    I am so happy to have chanced upon this Divine site created by you . I would like your mail id or phone number for my daughter’s pregnancy. God bless you for the great work you are doing.
    Mail id : . Ì


    I am Kalpana, from Canada. We suffered 6 pregnancy losses so far with no living children yet.We visited Amman temple this year and started taking ghee Prasadam. I am pregnant currently 4.5 weeks.We will continue puja end of 48 days .We are having full faith in Amman and hoping to bring baby home with her blessings. Will keep you posted. Am also listening to her songs daily ,helps my mind to be at peace.Although I can’t stop crying .

  4. mothukuri divya

    Iam Mrs Divya… past one year onwards we were trying to conceive…. we ate Amman ghee prasadam also in October 2020…. But I was unable to conceive…. please Amma please show gracefulness towards me…. I want to become a mother of my own child….

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