A Devotee From Gujarat

Dear Janani,

I am overjoyed to inform you that I am pregnant by the grace of Amman.
My husband and I completed our 40 days last week but we continued the ghee prasadam till my beta HCG report came positive yesterday.

My joy is doubled because the doctor senses that I may be expecting twins. I have my first sonography next Monday after which it will be confirmed whether it is a single pregnancy or twins.

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us and for other couples like us.

I continue to pray to Amman for a safe and happy pregnancy.

May I request you to let me know the process for another pooja to ensure a safe pregnancy and delivery?

May God bless you! I will always be indebted to you for all your help.

In case you want to use my mail as a testimonial for your website, please feel free to do so but please change my name in it.

Warm Regards

A Devotee from Gujarat

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  1. Namaste
    I am really sad
    My daughter had 2 frozen egg transfers done
    No luck
    Trying now for 8 yrs
    Plzzzzzz can someone help
    I am from south africa

  2. Hello everybody,

    This is prema , i married since 5 years , not yet conceived . I’m worried about our future. Please pray for us to give birth to healthy baby

    • Dear Prema

      Amman is always there with her devotees. Continue to have faith in Amman you will soon be blessed with a healthy and beautiful child.

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