Divya, Bangalore

We are extremely pleased to have received the prasadam yesterday. We would like to thank you for performing the puja in our name and sending us the prasadam so quickly. We are grateful to Amma for blessing us and hope to get her continued blessings for us and also our baby now and after birth.

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  1. Padma

    I got married in Nov 2012 and I was having PCOD problem from past 6 years. I visited almost 20 different doctors for my treatment and finally I realized that there is no permanent cure for PCOD. We are worried about our child and I was using medicine different medicines from 2 years. I lost my hope. I was going through this blog on Dec 2016 and I never expected that temple people are still active.

    Janani responded to me in 2-3 days and I ordered puja. I got ghee prasadam in less than 30 days. I was praying Amman from the day I got prasadam. In less than 3 months I was conceived. Ammam is amazing and thank u so much janani for all ur help and hope.

    Thank you Amma for all your blessing on my family.

  2. komal kesarapu

    Good to hear Amman’s miracles. Hope Amman will also bless me to conceive soon with healthy baby. OM SHRI GARBHARAKSHAMBIGAI AMMAN DEVI.

  3. Deepa

    Hi ,
    I have completed my 48 days ghee Prasad and two months over but not yet conceived.

    1. Ramya Bhushan

      Dear Deepa

      I can understand your pain and frustration. It is not easy when you are trying so hard and not getting the positive result. Sometimes things are not in our control and we cannot understand the mysterious ways that God works.
      Please continue to have faith but also develop the strength to face whatever lies in your destiny, There is no prescribed manner of performing the puja. It is only your comfort level with the Goddess, you can do it in any way that is easy for you.
      I pray that you get positive results very soon.

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