I am sure that you are longing to hold your child in your arms.

There is hope.

I understand that you must have been striving to become a mother. Sometimes it can seem like a very long wait, especially if you are undergoing infertility treatment. Don’t be despondent. There is hope. Thousands of women who have wanted to get pregnant for a long time have been blessed with a child by the grace of Goddess Garbarakshambigai.

The Goddess Garbarakshambigai is seated in the Garbarakshambigai temple. The temple is situated in Thirukarukavur, Papanasam Taluk, Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu. ‘Garba’ means ‘womb’, ‘Raksha’ means ‘to protect’ and ‘Ambigai’ means ‘The Divine Mother’ (incarnation of Parvathi). A remarkable feature of the temple which distinguishes it from the innumerable other shrines of our land is that the Goddess Sri Garbharakshambika not only protects the embryo but also blesses people who long for a child. You can read the story of Garbarakshambigai Amman and more details of the temple.

For centuries thousands of devotees, across the country, especially from South India visit the temple and offer prayers and special pujas to seek the blessings of the Goddess. Most of them have been blessed. They have conceived children and have gone on to deliver healthy babies.


“We are a career-oriented couple and we kept delaying the birth of our child. When we decided that we wanted to have a baby we were close to 40 years of age. Everyone said that it would be difficult to get pregnant, but I visited this temple and by the grace of the Goddess Garbarakshambigai I conceived a child within one year of trying. I now have two children by her grace.” – Rani, Australia

“I have diabetes since I was 18 years old. My marriage was delayed due to this. Doctors warned me that the pregnancy may be complicated. It was difficult for me to conceive. After praying at Tirukarukavur I have been so blessed. I have a 4-year-old son who I love very much. My in-laws and parents were worried that the baby would have health complications as he was born 1 month premature. But he is a healthy baby. This Goddess is very powerful.” – Usha, Bangalore

“When I was diagnosed with infertility problems at the age of 27 I was shattered. I was in depression for a long time. Then someone told me about the Goddess Garbarakshambigai and encouraged me to visit the temple. As my husband was busy with his project assignment in the US I could not go. But I felt a deep connection with the Goddess. Even though I could not go, my mother visited the temple and sent me the Prasad, I also chanted the mantra regularly. Today I am 32 and have 2 sons. I plan to visit the temple sometime soon to offer my thanksgiving personally.” – Sheetal, Singapore

“I felt a deep connection with Goddess even though I have not visited the temple personally. I have consumed the prasadam and chanted her slokas regularly. I am blessed with a good husband and daughter and am living a happy life. Even now I remember this Goddess with deep revelation and advice all women to pray to her irrespective of if they are married or single.” Rama, London

You can read more testimonies here.

Offering pujas at the temple

Women who want to get pregnant have to offer a puja at the temple. The prasadam given is ghee that has been placed at the feet of the Goddess. This ghee has been charged with mantras. This ghee prasadam has to be mixed with a quarter Kilo of cow’s ghee at home. This has to be consumed in small quantities for 48 days by both husband and wife. This ghee prasadam should not be consumed by anyone other than the couple trying to conceive.

Complete instructions for taking the ghee prasadam can be fund here

Apart from consuming the ghee the women are also encouraged, if time permits, to chant the following Slokamsm 108 times every day.

Special Puja

A special Pooja and Pushpanjali can be arranged at the Garbharakshambika temple help to overcome problems related to pregnancy and childbirth. Annadanam can also be offered at the temple.

Our Service

We understand your predicament, you cannot travel hundreds and thousands of kilometers to be present personally at the temple of the Goddess. We are here for you, to serve you and offer the pujas and prayers on your behalf. We will observe the strictest rituals in performing the pujas and will forward the temple prasadam directly to you.

When you book a puja you will receive:

  • Ghee Prasadam that has been offered at the feet of the Garbarakshambigai
  • Kumkum and Vibhuthi packet
  • Photo of the Goddess
  • Stotram/Slokam that needs to be recited

Book the puja and invite the blessing of the Goddess Garbarakshambigai into your womb.

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  1. Renuka

    I dont have a child

    1. jananibarath

      Dear Renuka

      I have sent you a reply by e-mail with details about puja. Please do not worry. Those who have had prasadam from Goddess Garbarakshambigai have conceived after several years of being unsuccessful. In my experience I have sent prasadam to people who have tried to conceive unsuccessfully for 19 years, some for 16 years etc. After taking the prasadam they have been blessed with a child. Let us hope that your prayers are answered.

      1. sharty

        My name is shaarty I also dnt hv child plz gv me mantra to conceive faster

        1. Shwetha. B R

          Dear Ma’am,

          Please send the Pooja details to my
          Mail. It’s 6 years of our marriage not Conceived so far.

          1. Prashanti

            I’m trying for children but still I’m not get pregnant.

      2. Suchita

        Hello I want to request for puja and prasadam

      3. Himabind

        Hi mam.i also want ghee from ghee temple.i have ordered in online but not received till now

      4. naveena

        santanam kosam prasadam kavali

      5. Bhagya

        Hi I’m bhagya I don’t have children

      6. Megha

        Send me a link to order ghee prasadam

      7. Priya

        Hi, my name is priya , my sister has pcod problem already she had two sons . Can you suggest is there any solution for problem. Can she take ghee prasadam to cure pcod problem. Is there any prasadam for early marriage? Please reply me

      8. Sunita yadav

        I want prashad for pregnancy plz

    2. Ambica

      I can’t come to temple soon, I stay in Dubai. Am planning to conceive from past 7yrs. This time I want to start Amma pooja at home. Can I get prasadam to Dubai? And details about when to start pooja?

    3. Deepa Vasantakumar

      I booked e service for pooja, but I didn’t receive any prasadam, please check and send me prasadam

  2. samundeeswari


    i am consive.but period also coming .please bless me please you near with me amma

    1. jananibarath

      I understand how very worried you must be. Please place your fait in Garbarakshambigai Amman. She has helped thousands of devotees with problems to have easy and safe deliveries. I have sent you details of puja by e-mail. I pray that you always have Amman’s thunai with you.

      1. Jayalakshmi.k

        I dont have child so far… plz tel me share d mantra to do pooja at home

        1. naveena

          naku santana prapti kalagadaniki prasadam kavali

      2. Manasa

        I want to conceive

      3. Manasa

        I want to conceive please mail me how to order ghee prasadam

  3. Priya


    I visited the temple last year and also had the ghee for 48 days but their is no positive result till today. every month expecting a positive result but always getting a negative. really dono what to do??????? Its almost 3 yrs got married. worried very badly. Even visited doctor also, their is no problem at all. please suggest me some positive way.

    1. jananibarath

      Dear Priya

      There are some slokams here: https://garbarakshambigai.org/stotrams/ that you can try chanting. Keep up the faith and please relax. I am sure by the grace of Amman something will work out soon in your favour.



  4. sindhuja

    Dear amma, I have been married for 10 months and trying to get conceive. Doctor say im having pcos. Im chanting ambigai mantras whenever possible. Is it neccessary to chant 108 times? What is the procedure for the prayer? Im in singapore. Currently I couldnt travel to visit temple. Can I request for puja to get conceive. How do I register? And what is the fees?
    please guide me

    1. jananibarath

      Dear Sinduja

      There are no restrictions on how many times you chant the slokam. Chant as many times as is comfortable for you. I have sent you details for puja ny e-mail. We regularly send prasadam to Singapore.



      1. jeyalakshmi

        hi amma na oruthadava antha kovilku vanthu ghee vangi kuduchen but inum na conceive agala yen enachu na ini ena pananum enaky marriage muduju 3yrs achu pls help me

  5. Shilpa

    Dear Amma,
    We would complete 3 years of marriage this Jun. We have been trying to conceive since 9-10 months now. Our plans came to a halt due to male fertility issues. We are currently taking treatment for him. Everyday I recite lot of prayers to Santana Gopala Swamy, Vamsa Vrudhi Durga Kavacham, Aditya Hrudayam, Putra Prapti Astakam. I came across this site and got a real positive feeling after reading through all the testimonials. As ours is a male related issue, can I also recite Garbarakshambigai Amman stotram? I shall follow the process diligently. Hoping that Amman will shower her blessings on us soon and we can hold our child in our hands!
    Please guide me for any process to be followed during the chant of the slokam.


    1. jananibarath

      Dear Shilpa

      It is good to see your devotion. Placing our faith in God will either yeild blessings or at the very least it will give us the strength to face our problems. You can chant the Garbarakshambigai Stortam, there are no prescribed methods. You can do it as many times and in whatever way you are comfortable.

      If you can visit the temple and take the ghee prasadam it may prove more effective as your husband will have to consume the prasadam too. If you cannot visit the temple we can help you get the prasadam. Click the link here and follow the process: https://garbarakshambigai.org/puja-options/

      May you soon be blessed with a happy healthy and beautiful baby.

  6. Subhra


    I am trying to conceive but no result.i stay in singapore .please advise me which puja to be done in temple and what are the fees.i will send.

    1. jananibarath

      In the last week I have heard from so many people who have been trying to conceive for a long time and have succeeded after praying to Amman. There is no reason you should not be blessed,. Keep your faith strong and who know’s what blessings you will receive. I have sent you puja details by e-mail.

      1. Parul Pandey

        Hello, I hv been married since 7 years. No child yet…So, I visited the temple in Dec 2023, and took ghee prasadam for 48 days. Some Ghee is remaining in the jar. But still, I did not get any good news yet…Should I Continue eating ghee till I get the good news or stop continuing to eat the prasadam? Plz rpl

  7. pushpa

    Hello Amma,
    I have been married for more than 1 year and trying to get conceive but its not happening. Currently my husband is in US am in India can’t visit the temple. Can i perform the pooja at home and chant the Garbarakshambigai slokhas.
    Please guide us details of pooja and slokhas.

    1. jananibarath

      Dear Pushpa

      Please do not worry and have faith in Amman. Everything will be all right. Your idea of doing puja at home and reciting the slokas in a good one. Once our husband is back you can either visit the temple or order prasadam through us. We will send you ghee prasadam that has been offered at the feet of Garbarakshambigai Amman and this prasadam has to be consumed by both husband and wife for 48 days. When taking the prasadam it is necessary for husband and wife to be together.

      All the best

  8. Nirmala Praveen

    Dear Amma

    We had completed 5 years of marriage. till we are not blessed with a child. my husband is diabetic under treatment. had gone iui also but not successful after the 1st year of marriage my father in law ordered the garbarakshambigai prasadam and gave us, took it for 48 days. later in the year 2012 we had visited the temple got the ghee prasadam and them but till now we are not blessed with a child. i don’t what sin we have done. i scared and depressed whether will i give birth to a child and can i become mother. please guide us. hoping the garbarakshambigai amman will bless us.

    Nirmala Praveen

    1. jananibarath

      Dear Nirmala

      I can understand your pain and frustration. Please do not be disheartened. Continue with faith and prayers and let us hope you will be blessed soon.

      Though most prayers are answered soon we cannot understand the mysterious ways of Amman. Trust in Her powers and let Her decide your faith. If you will bear a child or not is in Her hands. Learn to a develop a faith that accepts Her will and you will it easier to cope with your problems.

      Having said this I do hope your prayers and answered soon.

      Best Regards


      1. Ashwathi nambiar

        Dear amma
        Iam sending mail on behalf of my cousin, my cousin married 12year back and not yet blessed with child can you please guide what we can do amma.

  9. Shruti

    Namaste Amma,

    Its been 5 yrs to our marriage. We are not blessed with a Child yet. Treatment is going on since 3-4 yrs. The problem is with me, not with my husband. Every month we are spending around 15-20k for the treatment and 15 days going in DR visit. But no result yet.

    I conceived on dec 2013 after a long try. But unfortunately, it was implanted in tube instead of Uterus. So i had to do a immediate surgery and i lost my left tube 🙁 . Now i left with only one tube. I have cyst problem also.

    I really loosing hope and going into a depression level now. Also loosing my believe on GOD. Since 4-5 yrs , every month i am keeping a hope. But no result. Please help me and guide. I dont know what to do now. I already lost my patience.
    I request you to pray for me.


    1. jananibarath

      Dear Shruti

      I can feel your pain and frustration. Let us hope that your prayers to Amman are answered soon. Thousands have been blessed before this and let us pray that this grace extends to you as well. I have sent you puja details by e-mail.



    2. Sowmya. N


      I’m. Sowmya…….. From banglore

      My sister…..not conceived…..evan ofter 14years marriage life….shall we have to visit to Temple or u will send the prasadham to our address…..
      Kindly send the procedure for puja and what are the thinks to be brought for the puja

  10. shruthi

    I hear that it is necessary for both the husband and wife to come to the temple to get the puja done, they dont allow only the wife or just 1 partner to do it. Is this true? Currently both of us are abroad but im coming to India shortly and plan to visit the temple and do pooja. My husband wouldnt join me this time. Is it possible that i can attend the puja alone? What is the arrangement in this situation?

    1. Mamta Sharma

      I want to give puja .it is been 7 yrs trying .can u tell me what spokes to recite and if u can send prasad in Sydney

    2. Mamtamoyi

      I want to give puja .it is been 7 yrs trying .can u tell me what slokes to recite and

  11. Jothi

    Amma, I am nearing 1 year for my first anniversary. we confirmed my pregnancy the next immediate month from our marriage date. My baby was fine and healthy till fourth month. When i was in 5th month pregnant, i suffered by viral fever (dono know the reason for this fever at all… i was healthy all the days… :<) and got admitted at hospital. When we did 7th month scan, we came to know tat my baby had lot of problems like kidney was not functioning and pericardial fluid around my baby suffered him to breath properly. So doctor adviced us to terminate our baby at that time. I felt like i lost everything and i dont have interest to work and live without him. It is almost 5 months over… i lost him on Feb20th… Now we are planning for 2nd baby and plan to visit Garbarakshambigai temple… this time god should bless me to have my baby back… i love him amma… i have lot of family problems also.. had lot of stress during my pregnancy. This time everything should be positive for me. she needs to shower her blessings on us.

    1. jananibarath

      Dear Jothi

      I am sorry to hear about your loss. It is good to know about your plans to visit the temple. With rich blessings from Amman let us hope that you should conceive again soon and that there should not be any complications this time. I hope Amman showers Her blessings on you.



  12. Rawat


    We have issue with the children after Birth. Our two baby girl child died after born within the duration of 3 month. We are very depressed and clueless because the actual problem in children are not able to diagnosed by Doctors. For them everything looks fine.
    Can you please help us in any way?


  13. ANITHA Arun

    Namasthe Amma,

    Its been 3 years over we got married still I am not able to conceive. Our reports are normal, we donot have
    any problems related to pregnancy then also we are worried. I am chanting Goddess Garbharakshambigai mantra for
    108 times . As we are staying in bangalore my husband hectic work is here only we cannot come to Garbharakshambigai temple . I am interested to perform puja from home itself and receive Goddess Prasadam. Kindly help me out for this we are eagerly waiting for boy and girl twins baby.

  14. Neeta

    Hello Amma,
    Please Please help, I have come to you with lots and lots of hope and prayer to conceive and get pregnant.
    I am married since 8 years now without a baby. God has given me a good husband and in laws…but I am not blessed with babies yet….. we both have problems. I have visited many temples here and also visited Tirupati and Padmawati temple recently and many other temples nearby…I didnot know about this temple or I would have visited it too…
    Please Please I request you too help me to seek blessings of Goddess.
    I am very fearful of future and sometime ago i was also thinking of suicide.
    Now I have decided to help myself …I am praying and chanting everyday…i m also doing 16 mondays.. also called as Sola Somvar..
    I am prayer and eagerly waiting to seek blessings of Goddess Garbarakshambigai and be blessed with a beautiful babies..
    Please help…
    Please Please

    Thank you
    awaiting your reply
    Thanks again

  15. Radhika

    I had got Married 16 months ago. i am not conceiving, so pls tel me. how to get Ghee Prasadam of Garbarakshambigai Temple……………to get conceive.i want to know the charges of Prasadam.

    Thanking You



  16. vithiya

    Hi Amma,

    I have been trying to conceive for the past 2.5yrs but isn’t possible…There are no problems with me nor my husband.
    My grandma brought up. And last yr she passed on. Ever since things got hard in my head…she badly wanted to see my but faith got up with her…I’m really hoping that garbarakshambigai can a s my prayers…

  17. priya

    Dear Amma,
    I Am trying to conceive…Each month am expecting a good result… but not getting a good result …. feeling very bad..plz do help me…..

    Pray for me..
    Thank u..

  18. Jo Sharma

    I’ve been trying for baby since 3 year. i went for IUI thrice but no success. please send me the procedure. I’m devastated.

  19. Banu

    I got married two yrs back and i lost my pregnancy during 2 nd month itself in last Jan.
    we don know the reason for it.. Pl, advice me how to get prasadham from temple.

  20. Muthu

    I would like to do the pooja to conceive. would please mail me the details for that pooja; that is when to do and at what time to do.

  21. nisha

    Dear Janani
    I have been reading a lot on this website since few months. I finally found courage to write today. I have never conceived and have lost all hopes. Wish to do the pooja but i was wondering how to consume the prasad as my husband is always travelling.Please reply.Thanks

  22. anu

    hi madam

    I have been trying to conceive . Please tell me how I can order the ghee prasadam ?
    thank you for your service

    1. jananibarath

      Hi Manjusha

      I have sent you details by e-mail.


  23. Shama

    Hi madam,

    Im married for four years. Too many obstacles to try for baby. Looking forward for miracles to happen. Need amman blessings!

    1. jananibarath

      Dear Shama

      Details of puja sent to you by e-mail



  24. Bindu

    Hello Janani,
    Please send me puja details I am in TTC for 7years and failed IVF in last month. Please help me.

  25. Reshmi

    Hi Amma,
    I am Reshmi married for 7 yrs. Trying to conceive for the last 5 yrs. I have thyroid, cysts, endometriosis, fibroids. 3 surgeries and lot of medication but no luck. I accidentally came across the website. I want to come to the temple and visit my amma. My husband is now in UAE. I am in kerala. Can I come n do the puja alone. Day by day I am becoming depressed.


  26. Anuradha

    Iam praying fervently for my daughter to conceive. how do i get the prasadam?.cld u please send me the puja details? hari om

  27. Roopa


    I am 36 yrs old. I am not able to conceive. I would like to offer my prayers and sevva to god. I live in the US. I cannot visit the temple personally. Please send me the details.

    1. jananibarath

      Dear Roopa

      I will be happy to arrange for the puja on your behalf and send you the prasadam. We do send the prasadam to USA and also any other country. With the blessings from Amman I hope you soon conceive a healthy happy and beautiful baby.



  28. Naga sravanthi

    We got married 2010 almost 5 yrs completion of my marriage,but still aim not conceive..


    Its been 6 years over we got married still I am not able to conceive. Our reports are normal, we donot have
    any problems related to pregnancy then also we are worried.
    pls suggest


    i have a niece and her marriage had 11years but she cannot conceive…. she stress herself when she will be conceive…she love children but she doesnt have any….. some of her paternal in law do black magic she scares alot…. sometimes she get disscusion with her husband about she cannot conceive…. PLEASE AMMA HELP MY NIECE….her name is meenakshi….. show her a way AMMA……..

  31. Mukund Krishnan

    HI Janani, Me and my wife are ttc .Last month she had a miscarriage in the early stage.We need to book pooja and receive amma’s prasadam.Please send us the pooja details to my mail .

  32. Subasree

    Hi Janani

    I got my positive pregnancy test results but having some complications. Already had miscarriage 6 months back. Please send me pooja details.

  33. Lakshmi

    We visited temple on 2012 yearend. Had prasadam chanted sloka also. But I hv not conceived till now.

  34. divya

    Nw i am 2mnths pregnant grace me to healthier baby

  35. divya

    I got 2 abnormal babies nw i am again 2mnths pregnant getting afraid about previous pls help me

  36. Shylaja Venkatesh

    Hi Janani,

    Could you please send me the details of pooja and how do I get prasadam? I live in US.

    Shylaja Venkatesh

  37. chandrika

    I am trying to concieve from Past 3.5 years. doctors reports are normal. i even showed to 5 doctors till now. i all most lost hope… i am 30 years old… i need prasadam of garbharakshambike hope i get concieved. please help me…

  38. Richa

    Hello Amma,

    My Name is Richa I am married for last 8 years no baby had miscarriage in 2013 since than not able to concive .

    Kindly let me know the Puja vidhi
    Please help me ,

  39. Thanageswari

    Amma.. I’m 31 years old.. I’m married wen I’m 26 years old.. So long I’m waiting for get pregnant. I feel hurt by hearing some ppl talk about me and thy thinking tht I can’t get pregnant in my life. Pls Amma be vt me and I want to get pregnant soon..

  40. Asha

    We have been trying to get pregnant from past 2 years. We live in US. Could you please send me the details of pooja and how we can get Amma’s prasadam?

    Hope Amma will shower her blessings and bless us with a baby. Thanks.

  41. Sunitha

    Hi Janani,

    I am Sunitha living in USA . I am married for 2 years but did not conceive. Doctors told I have low egg reserve. I heard about amma . Can you please send me ghee Prasad? And also share pooja details.

    Thanks much,


  42. Mary

    My daughter is married for 1 yr and 5 months and had a first baby in Dec last yr. Unfortunately the happiness only lasted for one month and Jan doctor found that the baby didn’t grow and heartbeat stopped. My daughter is having fear of this and very worried and asking me if she can ever conceive again. I am very upset and need your advise on what to do . Please help us – We stay in Singapore.

  43. Vidyarani

    I am trying to conceive for 2 years but not helped me. Please bless me and tell me the details of puja ghee charges . My mail I’d Vidya_rani@hotmail.com

    Thank u
    Vidya Rani

  44. Hi madam i am viji married for 1 year since i dint get a baby. I hv thyroid problm in startng range lik tat doctor said. Bt nw she said this is the reason to nt getng pregnency. So i dnt knw wt i do.. plz i wan a baby plz help me mam….

  45. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Hi madam i am viji married for 1 year since i dint get a baby. I hv thyroid problm in startng range lik tat doctor said. Bt nw she said this is the reason to nt getng pregnency. So i dnt knw wt i do.. plz i wan a baby plz help me mam…

  46. priyanka

    Hi janani,

    I got 2 miscarriages and I am depressed got a doubt whether i will get baby ? Can u send me the pooja and prasadam details.

    Thank u

  47. Tanu

    Married for 9 years. Not able to conceive. Medical procedure also no success rate.

    Want to get pregnant this year.
    Hoping others also get blessed with a healthy baby soon.

    Can you send me details regarding pooja and prashad? Also let me know if you need more details about my husband and me or any other medical details.


  48. Sonali

    Namaste,amma humare shadi ko 6 saal ho gaye fir bhi boby convinced nahi kar paa rahi hoo please koi upay batayee

  49. Kavitha

    Hi Amma
    My name is Kavitha. It’s been 3 year 2 months of our marriage. I trying to get conceive. We have gone for treatment there is no problem doctor has told. So plz help me in God’s miracle to get conceive.

  50. Vinitha

    Sir/ madam..

    Nearly 10 months gone after marriage..2 times expected,but it didn’t work out..& now too expecting, nearly 50 days crossed.but nothing shown..i don’t know, wht is the problem..kindly please help me, of getting blessings from Amma……

  51. mala

    i am trying to conceive nearly pass 3yrs seems all treatment going on hope this month god bless me with baby please advice what pooja mantaram to read… Pease bless us amma

  52. Rajani


    I have been to the temple yesterday and i have got the ghee prasadam. Please suggest if eachnof us need to have 1tsp ghee everyday and also this needs to be taken directly or can we mix the ghee in rice and take it

    Thank you,

  53. Margaret

    Please know this is completely honest, and no one has forced me to write this. I am a 37 year old woman who has been trying for 9 years to get pregnant I finally got pregnant 2 weeks after I contacted Dr abacha on his website http:/abachasolutiontemple.webs.com/ It was simply amazing. I had history of recurrent miscarriages and was also diagnosed with genetic problems but using your system I got pregnant naturally at age 37& after 2 HSGs and 4 negative IUIs including 6 induction Clomid cycles and laparscopy. I had zero side effects.. God bless you and reward you. I HIGHLY recommend this product!”
    Margaret From USA

  54. satya


    i visited the aug 15th 2016.we had ghee prsadam also.but my sister has deliverd,i have to go,my husband not coming because of work.after coming i have to continue taking ghee prasadam.

  55. Pooja

    Hi Amma

    I had ghee and chanting the mantras 108 time every day…I have no child…please bless us… Now I have no hopes….please help us.

  56. priya

    I want to order a poojai.could you please email me the detsils

  57. priyamun

    I want to order a poojai.could you please email me the detsils

  58. Nandini Dayananthan


    This is Nandini Dayananthan and I am trying for a baby for the past one and a half year, I have PCOD problem. So I would like to do the puja, I live in Norway. Please guide me to do the puja. Amma please bless us with a baby. Please respond asap.

  59. Smita

    I have been married for 5 years now. Trying to conceive for past 2 years . Had 2 ivf cycles. Very depressed. Amma led me to this website I presume. Kindly let me know how the puja can be performed at home .

  60. Smita

    Please send me the online puja details

  61. Rajitha

    Hello amma,
    My name is rathnamala,im 29 years old.i completed my married life of five years but still now we we are not having children.my husband name Dharmendra now he is 36 years old.
    Amma kindly help us plz what I should do for children ,I had taken many treatments ,but everything failed,main thing my husband will not use tablets regularly.but he is a very good husband,some laziness.
    I can visit the temple alone,are we both should come to visit the temple.p lz reply me.
    I need children ,as early as possible amma,bcoz im entering in to 30 years ,I’m feeling very tensed,and other people are also scaring me,now you are 30 years it’s not possible for kids.
    Plz amma give me your valuable suggestion.

  62. Suha

    Hi hi this is suha I completed my married life of 5 years but still now we enjoy having child.my in laws trying tos second marriage to my husband day by day getting worst condition in my life ammma

  63. Suha

    Hi this suha we completed marriage life of 5years but still now we don’t have child .my inmate’s trying to marry my husband . really I fed up of my life pls help me with lot tears am begging u ammma

  64. Babitha.T.A

    Hello Amma,

    My name is Babitha. 38yrs. I got married at a very late age. Trying to conceive. Please help me.

    To Concerned: Please let me know the pooja details. I am from Bangalore. What are the fee structures? and how would you be sending me the prasadam.

    Thanks a lot.

  65. Jhansi

    I got married before two & half years ago. But I still didn’t get conceived.I have Pcod prbm. I am 29 yrs old. Plz pray for me.

  66. Sunita

    I got married 4 yrs back n trying to conceive since then… Pls help us.. Pls send us the details of pooja n payment so that we can devote the Lord with all our faith..

  67. Sneha Bharath


    I am married for 4.5 yrs, but planning to conceive from past 6 months. I have booked for ghee prasadham, please let me know what should i do next procedure. Please help me.

  68. mamata patil

    Hi this Yashaswini we completed marriage life of 5years but still now we don’t have child . I have some prbm. I am 30 yrs old. Plz pray for me.

  69. swetha rani.p


    i got married since 2years we are trying to conceive we are checkup so many hospitals also i was lightly thyroid iam taking tablets please help us iam praying for god still we are facing diffcult pls send us the details of prasadam so that we can Devote the lord with all our faith……

  70. Vijayalakshmi Sakthi

    I came to the Temple a few days back but we came late but we werelucky to get Amman dharisanam but could not get ghee prasadam as the shop was closed. I want to order the ghee prasadam. Kindly let me know the formalities.

  71. Sthitha Pragna

    After recieving ghee.. how many times we chant the mantra??

    Is it necessary to avoid Non Veg..While taking this ghee

    Plz reply sir


  72. Anitha Mahadevan Rajeswari

    Hiii I am in Canada trying to conceive can I just pray wholeheartedly and come to her temple once I conceive
    please pray for me

  73. Kiranmai

    Hello Madam
    I have been married for 8 years and i am nit able to conceive. All the medical test results are good. Can you please ket me know how can i order pooja and the process. Thanks in advance

  74. Roopa M

    Hi Swamy,

    My name is Roopa I got married 3.5 years ago , since we are trying to convince from fast 2 years still am not convinced, I have received ghee prasadam, we both are consuming, but in between sometimes it was missed , what needs be done ,
    Please suggest us.
    I need baby please

    1. Sowmya.N

      I am trying to conceive for 1 and 1/2 years.today i have sent money order today when i will recieve ghee prashadam.

      1. Ramya Bhushan

        Dear Roopa

        After the puja is performed on the day it is scheduled, the prasadam will be shipped and will reach you within 7-10 days if you are in India and 20-25 days if you live abroad.

  75. Aruna Ramakrishna

    Plenty of thanks to Garbarakshambigai Amma! after 15 years I have conceived during the period of my 48 days blessed Ghee prasadam…. Thanks a lot once again…. Doctor told baby heart beat is not good itseems…. plz pray to amma to give safe and healthy baby to me….I have already send the amount of Rs.2500/- for annadanam and blessed castor oil prasadam for safe pregnency and easy delivery… plz look into the matter as soon as possible bkz April 6th am going to the ultra scan for baby heart beat… plz await yr immediate and poditive reply …. but one thing am fully hoping on Garbharakshambika amma reg baby heart beat…. Regards Arunark – Hyderabad

  76. Pooja singh

    Hi Amma,
    I am pooja, I lost my first baby during pregnancy due to high bp, I am afraid about losing my next baby during pregnancy, I would like to have pregnancy without complications please help

  77. Santosh Inamdar

    . I have sent dd on 16 Feb 2018 but not yet received the Amma Prasadam.so plz send me the Prasadam as early as possible. Just give me the recent update

  78. Aruna

    Hi Ms JB,
    I’m Aruna from Malaysia.
    I would like to place an order for ghee prasadam.
    Is it possible to send to Malaysia?

  79. Lavanya

    Hi please send me the details to do puja and ghee prasadam, I am trying to conceive from 2 yrs. Please let me know about the payment details

  80. Radha


    How long the ghee Prasad can be used.. Can I use 6 months old ghee prasadham from the temple

    1. Ramya Bhushan

      Dear Radha

      Yes 6 months old prasadam can be used but not older than 6 months.

  81. Pavithra vijay

    Hi I I am pavithra.23 old.i got married in 2 years.one time abortion.enaku Amma Arul kedaikavendum.how to order in ghee prasadham.pls help me

  82. Vijay

    We have been married for 3 years and trying for baby. We had ghee prasadam twice for 48 days with a gap of one year. First time I went to the temple and got ghee at that time my husband couldn’t come. Second time I got the free through mail as I live in USA. We have finished our second course too and no positive result yet. I don’t know what to do! Please advice.

  83. Divyaganesh kumar

    Hi..hello..how to order ghee online for conceiving??

  84. Aswathy

    Hii.. I visited temple one year back and got ghee prasadam from there.. Due to some problems I couldn’t complete 48days of consumption.. What can I do?? Can I consume d prasadam one more time?? Any one plz suggest a remedy

  85. Priya


    Are you providing the service Now.

    Please tell me

    1. jananibarath

      Yes. We are providing the service now. For further information about puja please send a mail to saifoundation@gmail.com

  86. Seshadri

    My self and my wife are trying for baby past 6 years and we are happy to hear your service to make child less couple to get their dream into reality by goddess blessing ..
    i wanted to know the cost of only ghee for 48 days which you send to us and would like to know is there any option to send the amount to your google pay account

  87. LavanyaMahendran

    Sir, enakku marriage aagi one year aagudhu
    One time miscarriage aayiduchi aduthu eight months aagiyum naa innum conceive aagala… I want ghee prasadams by post… Enna procedure nu sollunga pls

  88. Khanisha


    I am 30years with some hormonal complications, I have been trying to convince but due to my condition it is hard. I would like to give Amma puja and to receive her blessings prasadham. Can you guide me how should I do that?

  89. prabhu prabhurajan

    My wife name is radhika he also no child

  90. Lokesh Kumar R

    Hi… we have completed 9 years marriage life but so for we don’t have kids… can u share me details


    I required the ghee kindly please help me to purchase and receive courier to my address

    My contact number +91 9619726779

    Address :- building 142 / Room No.4839 ,
    New Tilak Nagar, Chembur,
    Mumbai – 400089

  92. Bhavni

    How to order ghee for pregnancy


    Hi we have completed 9 years marriage life but so for we don’t have kids… can u share me details

  94. naveena

    naku santana prapti kalagadaniki prasadam kavali

  95. Rama kumar kappara

    Anjana kappara.g.s.s.towers.court center.flat.no.503 ongole. Near.pvr girls high school.pln 523002 mobile.8919079955

  96. Rama kumar kappara

    Prasadam ghee for pragnace

  97. M Nalini

    Hi sir. I have a child of 5yrs old. After that I i got two abortions. And now Laproscopy surgery has been done but they said everything is fine. I want another child sir. I have ordered Pooja prasadam in online for conceive on 11th April 2023. But still I didn’t receive the prasadam. Please send me the prasadam as soon as possible sir. Thank you

  98. Bindu

    We have completed 3 years but no pregnancy. So I’m praying to get pregnancy very soon by garbarakakshambika mata

  99. Jai

    Please mam I want ghee

  100. Swapna

    Plz mam I want ghee

  101. M Lalitha

    Sir we want ghee for conceiving

  102. Deepalakshmipathy

    Mam I want ghee for conceiving….

  103. Deepalakshmipathy

    Mam we want ghee for conceiving

  104. Kowsi

    I want ghee, I don’t have a

  105. Rajeshwari S

    Can i eat ghee from 5th day of period or after5 days of period
    Can we eat non veg when we are using ghee atleast husband can eat nonveg or not please let me know
    Can we eat ghee along with food in dinner
    Please let me know

  106. Aparnapraveen

    Om! Garbarakshambigai Cha Vidhmahe!
    Mangala devadhayai cha dheemahi!
    Thanno Devi Prachdayath!
    Amma please bless me with healthy Baby

  107. Ramasarma

    My name is rama sarma,
    My friend’s wife is suffering with PCOD problem. Can she use amman ghee prasadham to get cure from PCOD.

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