Nisha Niar

17th September 2012

With the blessings of Goddess Garbharakshambigai, my sister, Usha Menon, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh successfully gave birth to a baby girl, Arya, in spite of a very complicated pregnancy.

Chanting the name of Maa, I believe, helped in this miracle. Doctors had warned us that we may lose the baby and feared that the mother was also in danger. We all broke down. A few months earlier I had downloaded Maa Garbharakshambigai stothram and given to my sister but didn’t remember it myself in the hospital during my sister’s operation.

I simply kept praying to Maa Garbharakshambigai to save the mother and the child and to our good luck, the nurse came out with a premature but a beautiful baby girl and we all burst out into tears out of joy.

We couldn’t believe our eyes and when my sister was brought out of O.T. even though unconscious, her face look radiant like Maa’s blessing shone upon her. This has strengthened my belief in Maa Garbharakshambigai and I would encourage all going through such phase to pray to her. She will never leave your hand!


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